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Mary Frances HopKins

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137 Coates Hall
LSU Main Campus

Department of Communication
136 Coates Hall
Baton Rouge, LA 70803

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John LeBret
Black Box Manager

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Department of Communication Studies
Performance Studies Area
HopKins Black Box

HopKins Black Box
Director's Contract

To Be Turned In With Your Proposal

To insure that directors understand the obligations involved in directing/producing a show in the HopKins Black Box, we ask that all applicants read and sign the following contract.

As a director or producer of a show in the Department of Communication Studies Performance Studies HopKins Black Box, I understand that I will become a part of a cooperative that relies on me to fulfill certain obligations. I understand that I will be expected to:

  1. Abide by the policies and procedures of the HopKins Black Box as stated in the HopKins Black Box Directors Handbook

  2. Take full responsibility for the meeting the needs of my show although the Performance Studies faculty, the HopKins Black Box Manager, and students will provide me with assistance as outlined in the handbook

  3. Provide assistance to other directors in exchange for their help on my show. I understand that I will be expected to:
    1. Run lights, sound, or other media for a show that, in length of run, is equivalent to my own; OR
    2. Assist with the load in of at least two other shows e.g., hang & focus lights; provide significant set, prop or costume aide; OR
    3. Run the box office for three other shows; OR
    4. Some combination of the above or other significant service to be determined in consultation with the HopKins Black Box Manager

  4. Make specific commitments regarding point #3 above at the beginning of fall semester

  5. Attend the orientation for directors that is held just prior to the start of fall semester

  6. Attend the two HopKins Black Box maintenance days, typically held at the beginning of each semester


Signed: ____________________________           Date:________________



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