Thesis and Dissertation Formatting and Submission Information


The Graduate School has a handbook, Guidelines for the Preparation of Master's Theses and Doctoral Dissertations, which provides instructions for preparing, formatting, and submitting your document. You will need to prepare your document according to these instructions before you submit your thesis or dissertation to the Graduate School. Sample documents, as well as a LaTeX template, are available for you to consult. Instructions are also available on how to convert your thesis or dissertation into .PDF format.

When you are ready to prepare your manuscript for submission and prepare for your defense, complete the following steps in order. 

  1. Read the Guidelines for the Preparation of Master's Theses and Doctoral Dissertations to learn about the various parts of your document, how to put it together, and how to submit it. Prepare your document according to the directions in this manual.
  2. Schedule and hold your defense as early as possible in the semester of graduation. Make the corrections and/or revisions that are required by your committee and secure final approval of your document from your committee and major professor.
  3. To begin the turn-in process, ensure that all required forms (application for degree, etc.) have been submitted to the Graduate School by logging in to myLSU and selecting “Graduate Milestones” under “Student Services.” Additionally, you will need to fill out and complete the thesis or dissertation checklist and the access request form when you request your ETD logon id. This logon id and password is how you will submit your electronic thesis or dissertation to the ETD website. You must use the logon id and password provided by the Graduate School.
  4. The ETD reviewer will review the document and inform you via email of any necessary corrections. Make all corrections with your word processor, convert your final file to a .PDF and submit in a single file electronically through the ETD site for final approval. If additional corrections are necessary, and/or when the document is approved, you and your advisory committee will be notified by e-mail.
  5. When completing the submission page on the ETD site, be sure to include all committee members and their e-mail addresses in the proper boxes. List their names, in mixed case letters, as “Doe, John” or “Smith, Susan.” Do not use professorial or honorary titles such as Dr., Miss, The O.K. Allen Distinguished Professor of Buildings.
  6. For current semester graduates, after receiving the e-mail approval notice, you have completed the ETD process. For students registering for Degree Only for the upcoming semester, further steps are necessary to complete the Degree Only registration.

 Be aware that if substantial additional corrections are needed at this point, you may not be able to meet the submission deadline for the current semester and may have to graduate in the following semester.