Inclusive Approach

To achieve the goal of modernizing the student systems at LSU and ensure that the University faculty and staff contribute to the final product, the Project Team will strive to keep lines of communication open and incorporate a level of transparency throughout the entire process. During the coming months and into an implementation phase, the team will seek input from staff members through formal meetings and focus groups. Open communication and sharing of ideas will yield a functional student system that benefits the entire University and help LSU Geaux Forward.

IT Governance Council

The IT Governance Council is made up of representives from across campus. After gathering requirements and seeking input from the campus community, they will make a recommendation to the CFO and the Provost on the direction of the project: Workday Student or RFP process. 

Associate and Assistant Deans Meetings

The Project Team will be meeting with the Associate and Assistant Deans monthly for project updates.

Campus Introductory Meetings

Members of the project team, led by Tom Glenn, will be visiting all colleges and many departments across campus to give an introduction to the project. This is an opportunity for college and department leadership to hear first hand about the student system modernization project and to give feedback and requirements they have for this initiative. Any notes taken during this meeting, will be returned to your unit for review, and requirements noted during the conversation will be vetted by the Project Team. If your unit has not been contacted for a meeting of this type, and you would like the Project Team to meet with your staff, please contact the Project Team at

Requirements Gathering Meetings

Meetings will be scheduled with key stakeholder groups around campus to vet the existing requirements and uncover any further requirements that need to be noted. These groups will include college advisors and undergraduate counselors. 

Scorecard and Scenario Presentation

Later this fall, the Project Team will present the "thin thread" scenarios of the student life cycle from recruitment through graduation using a demonstration tenant that Workday is preparing with LSU data. Following our presentation of the "thin thread" scenarios, and evaluation of LSU requirements, the LSU subject matter experts will complete the scorecard and forward the results of our thorough evaluation to the IT Governance Council in December 2017.

Meetings Held to Date

The Project Team has held introductory meetings with First Year Experience, Transfer Student Services, and Military & Veteran Student Services, the College of Music and Dramatic Arts, the E. J. Ourso College of Business, the Faculty Senate, LSU Online, Residential Life, Ogden Honors College, the College of Humanities & Social Sciences, the Career Center, Staff Senate's Executive Committee, the Dean of Students office, Student Government's Executive Commitee, and the Cox Academic Center for Student Athletes.

Members of the Project Team met with representatives of the College of Engineering's Academic Affairs office.


An Associate & Assistant Deans Meeting was held on September 7. 

The IT Governance Council met on September 12.


Upcoming Meetings in September

Week of September 18, 2017: The Project Team will hold introductory meetings with Institutional Research, Manship School of Mass Communication, Staff Senate, Student Success and the Center for Academic Success, the College of Science, and the College of the Coast and Environment.

Requirements gathering sessions will be held with Associate & Assistant Deans and undergraduate counselors.

They will also visit LSUE to gather further requirements from that campus.

Week of September 25, 2017: The Project Team will hold introductory meetings with the Law School, University College, the Libraries. They will also meet with the College of Human Sciences and Education's Student Services Office.

Week of October 2, 2017: The Project Team will hold introductory meetings with Continuing Education, the College of Human Sciences and Education and the Graduate School. 

An Associate & Assistant Dean's Meeting will be held on October 6.