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Oct. 13, 2004
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Lee found guilty in Pace murder
Derrick Todd Lee showed no emotion as a court official read aloud the jury’s verdict of guilty of first-degree murder this afternoon.

Whispers of "Thank God" poured from the mouths of victims’ families, who were holding hands and crying while seated together inside the courtroom.

May 27, 2003
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Serial killing suspect Lee heads back to BR
ATLANTA - Serial killer suspect Derrick Todd Lee of St. Francisville is headed back to Louisiana, officials said this morning. The man accused of killing LSU graduate student Carrie Lynn Yoder and four other south Louisiana women was captured Tuesday night and appeared before Fulton Country Superior Court Judge Richard Hicks at 9:25 a.m. today.

March 19, 2003
Yoder's parents react to daughter's link to serial killer
David and Lynda Yoder still can't believe their daughter is gone. Carrie Yoder's parents also believe she was at her computer when she disappeared March 3rd.

March 18, 2003
Yoder death linked to serial killer
Serial killer task force will take control of investigation DNA evidence links the recent murder of Carrie Lynn Yoder to the unsolved deaths of four other south Louisiana women.

March 14, 2003
Yoder family speaks

"The forensic evidence left at the scene is still being processed and has not conclusively linked Miss Yoder's death to the other homicides currently under investigation," Iberville Parish Sheriff Brent Allain said Friday.

The Advocate
Yoder's Body Recovered
Authorities have told the parents of 26-year-old Carrie Lynn Yoder that a body found Thursday near Whisky Bay off Interstate 10 was that of their daughter, a source close to the family said. "They have essentially indicated that it is Carrie," said Yoder's doctoral professor and mentor at LSU, Bill Platt. "We are very certain of who the body is." Platt said he was sitting with Yoder's parents early Thursday evening when what he called "official sources" relayed the news.

March 13, 2003
The Advocate
Yoders hold vigil; No evidence of crime found
Police have said they can find no evidence that a crime led to Carrie Yoder's disappearance more than a week ago, but her cousin put aside such talk Wednesday. "To the person responsible for Carrie's disappearance, replace your cowardice with courage and allow our loved one to return to our family," said Steve Yoder, who flew from Wilmington, Del., to attend a "vigil of hope" at LSU's Union Theater. Before the rally, Yoder's parents had their first meeting with Ann Pace and Lynne Marino, women whose daughters have been slain during the last year by the south Louisiana serial killer.

March 12, 2003
Search for Carrie Yoder resumes
Detectives take to the skies Serial killer task force detectives took to the skies Tuesday in hopes of finding missing LSU student Carrie Yoder.

New witness in Yoder case being questioned
News 2 has learned that the serial killer task force is questioning a U.S. Postal Service mail carrier about what she saw at Yoder's home the day she may have disappeared.

LSU public relations dealing with Yoder disappearance
Fear continues to grip the LSU community after the disappearance of another female student living near campus.

The Advocate
Inconvenience no bother
Many drivers stuck in rush-hour traffic along Burbank Drive Tuesday said they appreciated the serial killer task force's efforts in the search for a missing LSU doctoral student despite the inconvenience. The Multi-Agency Homicide Task Force spent the evening gathering information at Burbank near East Boyd Drive about the disappearance of Carrie Yoder. Investigators stopped about half the cars passing in both directions on Burbank, asking questions and handing out fliers and questionnaires.

March 11, 2003
The Advocate

Yoder's friends 'going on hope'-- Not too many people have touched Carrie Yoder's cozy work space in LSU's Life Sciences building since the 26-year-old graduate student disappeared last week. Mostly, it's been the police. "She's neater than that normally," her professor and mentor, Bill Platt, said Monday. "All this stuff has been rifled through."
Police plan to question drivers about missing LSU student -- Police plan to question drivers Tuesday on a main thoroughfare near the neighborhood of a missing LSU student, looking for scraps of information that could help find her.

March 9, 2003
The Advocate
New case renews pain of families of serial victims -- As word spread of Carrie Yoder's disappearance Wednesday, a woman who had never met the 26-year-old graduate student suddenly began to ache.

March 8, 2003
The Advocate
Timeline key to disappearance -- The question is this: What happened to Carrie Yoder after 7:45 p.m. Monday?

March 7, 2003
The Advocate
Services held for Moore; police not linking cases -- Friends memorialized a slain LSU graduate student under gray and rainy skies Thursday while serial killer investigators continued the search for another graduate student who disappeared from her home earlier this week.
Yoder search continues and a time line is released -- LSU Chancellor Mark Emmert met with members of the serial killer task force Friday morning to find out if investigators are doing everything that needs to be done. His concerns stem from the missing person case of doctoral student Carrie Yoder.

Serial killer task force helping search for missing student -- Before four south Louisiana women were murdered by a serial killer, the disappearance of an LSU student during Mardi Gras probably would have drawn little attention. But the killings of the four women - including two near LSU - means the search for Carrie Lynn Yoder, 26, has taken on a different scope, involving national, state and local law enforcement and renewing fear that the serial killer may have chosen another victim.

Police hold briefing on Carrie Yoder's disappearance -- Baton Rouge Police held a press conference today concerning the disappearance of 26-year-old Carrie Lynn Yoder.

Criminologist: serial-killer connection in Yoder disappearance possible -- A leading criminologist from Lousiana State University, Cecile Guin, says she believes 26-year-old Carrie Lynn Yoder's disappearance could be the work of the Baton Rouge serial killer.

Missing-person case reignites fears at LSU -- Classes officially resume from the Mardi Gras break at LSU on Thursday. Those students who are back already found out one of their own has been missing since Monday. Graduate student Carrie Lynn Yoder's disappearance was reported Wednesday morning.

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