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Hurricane Katrina Information Resources

Hurricane Katrina Information Resources
First posted mid-day on August 31, 2005, two days after Hurricane Katrina hit on August 29; 45 updates until October 11, 2005 (up to seven updates in a single day). Listed by Google amongst the top information resources for Hurricane Katrina, immediately after FEMA, the National Hurricane Center and Weather.com. Demand was so strong that the SLIS/LSU server crashed, and the data was transferred to the main LSU server. Also incorporated information relating to Hurricane Rita. Originally a 23KB file, 6 pages, with about 40 annotated links; grew to a 158KB file, 49 pages.


Onitsha Market Literature

McCarthy, Cavan. Printing in Onitsha: some personal observations on the production of Onitsha Market Literature.

Originally published in: African Research and Documentation, London, (35)22-25, Aug. 1984.


Sample Images of Onitsha Market Literature.
Illustrative materials scanned by Cavan McCarthy in 2009 to accompany the HTML version of this paper.

My brief resume

My complete curriculum vitae
Selected coursenotes

Selected coursenotes
Samples of teaching materials I have developed for use in my classes.
Copyright and Digital Libraries; a presentation for the LOUIS Users Conference, Baton Rouge, Oct. 5-6, 2006


Digital Inclusion project, Recife, Brazil, June - July 2005


Child-oriented Search Engines and Directories

Documentation produced to accompany my presentation at the 2005 Midwinter Conference of the Louisiana Association of School Librarians, Dutchtown High School, Geismar, LA; January 22, 2005:




My formal portrait, taken by the LSU photographer
ProCite class notes

At the suggestion of the Frey Computing Services Center, Louisiana State University, the ProCite classnotes used in my LIS 7008 Information Technologies course have been made available to a wider audience:

ProCite class notes
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