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Illustrative materials to accompany the text of: McCarthy, Cavan. Printing in Onitsha:
some personal observations on the production of Onitsha Market literature.


About the husband and wife who hate them-selves, front wrapper

Olisah, Okenwa. "My Wife" : about husband and wife who hate them-selves : (a drama) by Okenwa Olisa [sic]. Onitsha, Nigeria: Highbred Maxwell, Students Own Bookshop, 1970? 53 p. 22 cm. Author's name appears on title page as "Olisa", but correct spelling is "Olisah". Cover title: "About the husband and wife who hate them-selves". Note on title page: "It was a forced marriage made by Chief Monger. As a result of this, every day so so talk talk, so so quarrel, so so, fight fight. No peace." Includes two simple linocut illustrations.

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