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Sample Images of Onitsha Market Literature

Illustrative materials to accompany the text of: McCarthy, Cavan. Printing in Onitsha:
some personal observations on the production of Onitsha Market literature.


The complete letter-writing made easy, page 67

Njoku, N. O. The complete letter-writing made easy for ladies and gentlemen : contains love and engagement letters, business & private letters, invitations, correspondences, applications, telegrams, agreements, advertisements, good English, etc. Try to know how to read and write. Onitsha, Nigeria: Njoku & Sons Bookshop, 1960s? 88 p. ill. ; 21 cm. Title varies; some editions read "The complete letter-writer ..." During the Second World War, the British contracted Nigerian laborers to work in India. They returned with Indian books on letter-writing which were reprinted in Onitsha, initiating Onitsha Market literature. This publication includes samples of correspondence with Indian addresses, e.g. "174 Tilak Road, Ahmedabad, 10th May, 1949. To, The Manager, "The Bombay Chronicle", Fort Bombay ... Yours Faithfully, Govindal C. Patel". Samples of correspondence from Nigerian and British addresses are also included.

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