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 Lab Services
  Law Enforcement

Lab Services

Anthropologists at the FACES Lab provide the following services for law enforcement agencies:

Animal vs. Human Skeleton Identification

Recovery Assistance

  • Field Search and Recovery of Skeletal Remains

  • Location and Excavation of Clandestine Burials

  • Free In-state

Biological Profile and Trauma Analysis

  • Determination of Age, Sex, Race, Height & Time Since Death

  • Analysis of Antemortem, Perimortem & Postmortem Trauma

  • Free In-state

Forensic Imaging

  •   3-D Clay Facial Reconstruction

  • Age Progression

DNA Sample Collection

  • Reference samples from missing relatives

  • Direct samples from unidentified remains

  • Free In-state

Lectures & Workshops 

 Clay Facial               
 Age Progression    














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