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Achilles' Shield celebrates the extraordinary vigor of life on this earth. It is also Homer's hopeful vision of a world moving toward peace as its citizens work in concert with nature and each other. Thus Achilles' Shield is a fitting icon for a course that asks, "What does it mean to be a human being living in society?"



Create a five-page digital portfolio that is published to the Web and includes these components:

  • Home page (also called index page): the course main page that   introduces the course and gives overview.  Should include a brief Introductory Statement and Table of Contents with hyperlinks to every page of the ePortfolio.


  • Four other Web pages:
    • Human’s Purpose & Ideal Order
    • Solution through Violence (Tribal Society)
    • Solution through Persuasion (Democratic Society)
    • Movie or play as Political Discourse


     Each Web page contains a Table of Contents with hyperlinks to every page of the ePortfolio. Each page explores the major idea and provides at least four of the following:

  • Historical background
  • Graphics
  • Sound bytes
  • Video clips
  • Written response to theme or character (can be selected from your Daily Writings) —250 word minimum
  • First Impressions (your questions and concerns when first encountering the major idea) —250 word minimum
  • Lasting Impressions (your considered evaluation after studying and discussing the major idea) —250 word minimum

Note: A page with the minimum four components is an average page, not an A or a B page. An A or B page must explore several texts and see connections among the texts. Remember that it is not enough to give overviews of each text. You must show how the text is relevant for the 21st century citizen.


Sample ePortfolios

Check out these student portfolios:

Rachel Assaf, Spring 2009

Jackye Crane, In Process


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