Current Graduate Students

If you plan to graduate next semester:

Speak to Roxanne about returning all your department keys before graduation.

The graduation process generally begins the semester before you intend to graduate, as required forms are due very early the semester you will graduate. Consult the academic calendar and the Graduate School calendar for detailed due dates. This Graduate School site has forms and instructions for Master’s and Doctoral degree candidates. 

Because forms are kept in your permanent record, it is important that they be typed. Forms can be edited on a computer and then printed for signatures. All dates and deadlines can be found on the Graduate School calendar. All materials should be turned in to Janet 3 work days before the deadline to ensure they are correct and sent to the Graduate School in time to meet the deadlines.

If you determine during the semester that you will not meet the requirements for graduation, YOU MUST NOTIFY JANET IMMEDIATELY!

Graduate Student Forms

Coursework Log
Core Curriculum (pdf)
Exam Milestones - MS (pdf)
Exam Milestones - PHD (pdf)
GA Job Descriptions
Late Drop/Add Form
Graduate Student Information Form
Graduate School forms