Distinguished Student Leaders

The Distinguished Student Leaders in Construction Management designation was created to showcase students who have demonstrated exemplary academic and leadership abilities.  To become a Distinguished Student Leader, students must fall into one of four categories: a member of the Sigma Lambda Chi honor society, a Construction Student Association officer, a student competition team member, or recognized as a distinguished communicator.

Sigma Lambda Chi

Sigma Lambda Chi's members include:

Cynthia Barton-Ruiz

Steven Baye

Preston Becker

Meredith Blevins

Andrew Bordelon

Kyle Conahan

William Cotton

Evan Courtney

Marcos De Souza

Trevor Diaz

Nathaniel Duxbury

Eric Frantz

Joshua Foret

Justin James

Blake Johnson

Austin Kirk

Timothy LaFranca

Eric Ledoux

Michael McAndrew

Ryan McNichol

Zoie Rhodes

Erin Mitchell

 Brenton Scardina

Natasha Sleigh

Eric Smith

Hunter Stone

Courtney Tilly

Erik Troxclair

Louis Witty IV

Wisam Zeidan

Construction Student Association Officers

CSA's 2017 - 2018 officers include:

Christian Lawson - President

Charles Farley - Vice President

Jaelyn Leblanc - Secretary

Lauren Foster - Treasurer

Kayla Stradford - Public Relations

Lacy Dupre - Social Chair

Rachel Timphony - Banquet Chair


Student Competition Team Member

ABC's Construction Management Competition

Student members include:

Floriana Mustatea (Team Captain)

Jaelyn LeBlanc

Steven Baye

Kody Girault

Landon Babin

Evans DeHart

Josh Foret

Brandon Brignac

Asal Emamjomeh

Arash Taghinezhad


NRCA's Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress Construction Management Student Competition

LSU's CM student team placed 3rd place in the 2017 competition.   Student members include:

Drew Bennett

Aaron Cherry

Nate Duxbury

Blake Johnson

Erin Mitchell


LSU Distinguished Communicator

LSU Distinguished Communicators is a unique academic excellence program where students work to refine their communication skills and learn discipline-specific approaches to communication that will enable them to excel in their chosen profession.