A Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering (BS in ChE) from LSU provides a foundation of knowledge in core subjects such as reactions, separations and controls used in a variety manufacturing operations including: chemical manufacturing, refining, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, materials and many other industries. Basic courses in mathematics, chemistry, physics and chemical engineering are required.  Students may select a formal concentration in one of three fields: biomolecular, environmental, or materials. Alternatively, students can select electives to plan a program that emphasizes a subfield of their choice. The curriculum also includes courses in humanities and social sciences to satisfy the university’s general education and external accreditation requirements.

Chemical engineers work in a variety of fields.   Every day our alumni go to work around the world to produce the sugar in your coffee, the fuel in your car, plastics such as polyethylene water bottles, the microprocessors in your phone and the detergents to clean your clothes.  Other alumni also serve as university faculty, physicians, environmental experts, military officers, scientists and researchers.