The LSU Office of Diversity is excited to begin the marketing and selection process for Cohort #2 of the President’s Millennial Scholars Program (PMSP). PMSP leverages a student-centered approach to ensure the academic, cognitive, personal, career and professional development of students from underrepresented populations and students of color. PMSP is also designed to retain students by providing academic support, professional and leadership development, and mentorship from faculty and staff. The ultimate goal is to create high-quality learning environments, where academic and professional excellence is the expectation. (Participating students must be entering freshmen and maintain full-time status. Once enrolled, students must maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.5.)


The Lighthouse Program

LSU Student Health Center

LSU Women's and Gender Studies

Sexual Trauma Awareness and Response

IRIS Domestic Violence Center

Title IX at LSU


The LSU Women's Center promotes the advancement of women's issues and gender equality through its services, advocacy efforts, and educational programs. The Center also provides support, referral, and information to students, faculty, and staff on issues and concerns related to women.

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