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Mike's Welcome Back

As the new school year begins more than 5,000 new students roar onto campus, droves return for the next step in collegiate careers, and faculty and staff look up from their desks to witness a sea of purple and gold flow beneath the stately oaks and broad magnolias.

Mike's Welcome Back
Video: During the summer, Student Government President Cody Wells shot footage of LSU’s most famous and elusive student – Mike the Tiger. Take a look at the video and get a feel for a day in the life of Mike.

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The anticipation for classes, events and – of course – LSU football is palpable. Get ready to love purple and live gold! Welcome back to LSU!

With the start of the fall 2011 semester, LSU finishes the third consecutive year as a U.S. News & World Report top-tier institution. With newly-completed renovations to the LSU Student Union, a traditional hangout for new and returning students, upgrades to the Student Recreation Complex and the addition of Choppin Hall Annex, and the coming additions of the new Tiger Band Hall and business complex, and even a new parking facility that will include a new bookstore, LSU continues a tradition of growth, meeting – and exceeding – the needs of students, faculty and staff.

For those new to campus, there are a variety of welcome events. LSU’s First Year Experience, or FYE, is a program designed to help new students at the university get a leg up on campus life. Through academic support, help with accessing campus resources, learning about the university community and LSU’s great history and traditions, FYE helps make LSU more than just a university, but a home.

Programs include Leading Edge, a program coordinated with Campus Life that introduces students to leadership opportunities on LSU’s campus; the Bengal Book Group, in which of first year students get together to discuss a range of topics related to books suggested by participating students and selected by the FYE team; or Bengals Beyond the Bayou, in which out of state and international students can learn more about Louisiana and the Baton Rouge community. There are several events scheduled for the upcoming weeks, for more information on FYE and events, visit www.fye.lsu.edu.

Another event geared toward providing students with the opportunity to meet faculty members and interact with other freshmen is the Honor College Convocation. Open to the LSU community, more information on the event can be found at www.honors.lsu.edu/events/honors-college-convocation-2011. For a schedule of many other upcoming events geared to welcome students to LSU and interact with the Tiger community, visit www.bengalbound.lsu.edu/schedule-of-events.

New and returning students shouldn’t forget to have a little fun while stil lpaying attention to their studies. Traditional venues for blowing off a little steam during the semester include ice cream at the Dairy Store, a walk or run around the beautiful LSU Lakes, gearing up for football season with a stop at the LSU Bookstore, taking a break from the heat by catching a Tiger Trails bus, and of course, visiting Mike the Tiger at his habitat.

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