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Mass Communication senior spending summer with Sports Illustrated

It was there when the Green Bay Packers won Super Bowl I, there when Michael Jordan retired from basketball in 1993, there when Kobe Bryant and Shaq earned the Los Angeles Lakers a third championship title in 2002, and there when LSU became the first school to win the Bowl Championship Series twice.

Sports Illustrated, a magazine that's covered the ins and outs of athletics for more than 60 years, is a summer home for journalism senior Matt Marcantonio.

Marcantonio, a student worker at the LSU Louisiana Business & Technology Center, was one of seven in the country to receive an editorial internship with Sports Illustrated magazine. Although the internship will be over at the end of the summer, Marcantonio said writing at Sports Illustrated would be a dream job after graduation.

"I don't want to make tons of money, I just want to enjoy what I do," he said. "It's my hobby; writing and sports are what I like to do."

Marcantonio, a native from Leominster, Mass., said the prestige of the Manship School of Mass Communication is what drew him to LSU. A family member gave him information about the Sports Illustrated internship, since he's always wanted to work there.

"I'm hoping to network and meet new people," he said. "If I build relationships with people there, someone I meet might be able to help me someday."

Marcantonio arrived in New York City last week for his first day of the paid internship. He works in the Time & Life Building, home of Time Inc., the publisher of several magazines including Time, Southern Living and Entertainment Weekly.

"It is a truly surreal experience," he said. "The Time & Life Building itself will give you chills. My office is on the 31st floor, so the view is amazing."

The interns act as entry-level reporters, fact-checking articles assigned to them.

"Every word, statistic, name, etc., all has to be checked," he said. "Sports Illustrated actually has a library with statistics from the major sports dating from 1950. Over the course of the internship, I sense the library will be home for all of the interns."

Although Marcantonio won't be writing for Sports Illustrated during his internship, he said if he could interview anyone, it would be New England Patriots' Coach Bill Belichick and Indianapolis Colts' Quarterback Peyton Manning.

"I grew up disliking the Colts because they are a Patriots' rival, but Peyton would be interesting to talk to," he said. "Belichick, on the other hand, has been so brief to the media, I'm curious to see what he would say."

The schedule is different from most day jobs in that the week begins Thursday and ends Monday with Sunday being the longest day—10 a.m. until midnight.

All of the interns were provided housing in the dorms at Columbia University.

"I'm living in a suite-style room with four other interns, who are working for Sports Illustrated Kids, Fortune and People," he said. "It's been great so far. It's pretty remarkable to be around some of the best student-journalists in the country. I'm definitely going to soak up everything that comes my way."