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Challenge Course: Program brings leadership class to staff members

During a span of several weeks, nominated employees have faced challenges in team building and leadership through a program called LEAD…Emerge.

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In nine sessions, participants learn about themselves, leadership styles and managing employees. LEAD…Emerge has been a strong program on campus over the years, run through the Office of Human Resource Management.

"Making employee development a top priority is imperative for the continued success of our university," said Yvette Marsh, director of training and development in the Office of Human Resource Management. "Especially during times of limited resources. Focusing our efforts on attending the needs of our emerging leaders is not only smart, but effective."

The program utilizes a combination of classroom instruction and discussion, along with activities. Toward the end of the program, participants tackle obstacles at the University Recreation's Challenge Course.

The challenge course offers physical and strategic obstacles such as balance, order, reaching goals and teamwork.

At the end of the semester, participants will be awarded with a LEAD…Emerge graduation ceremony and become a part of the alumni.