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Tiger 10: LSU Spotlights 10 of the Top Faculty Responding to Oil Crisis

Scientists receive standing ovation from 92,400 Tiger fans at LSU vs. Mississippi State football game

Since the April 20 Deepwater Horizon tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico, LSU researchers have been praised internationally for their research efforts toward analyzing, evaluating and mitigating the environmental disaster. These researchers have gone above and beyond to assist in the research and recovery efforts, logging in hour after hour of travel and unpaid overtime to ensure that their expertise was put to good use.

Now that the Deepwater Horizon oil leak has been capped, many have taken a moment to reflect on the nearly five months of oil spilling into the Gulf, the lives and livelihoods lost and environments damaged or changed. Some of the unsung heroes are scientists who have been at the forefront of the environmental disaster since the very beginning – researchers who reached into their own pockets to fund studies that may someday provide a better idea of the oil’s true impact.

To honor the commitment shown by many of LSU’s dedicated researchers, 10 faculty members were recognized on Saturday, Sept. 18, during the LSU vs. Mississippi State football game in Tiger Stadium.

Those recognized include:

LSU School of the Coast & Environment

  • Edward Overton, professor emeritus, Department of Environmental Sciences
  • Richard Shaw, associate dean of the school, Department of Oceanography & Coastal Sciences

LSU College of Science

  • Annette Engel, assistant professor, Department of Geology & Geophysics
  • Gary King, professor, Department of Biological Sciences

LSU College of Engineering

  • Darryl Bourgoyne, director, Petroleum Engineering Research and Technology

Transfer Lab, Department of Petroleum Engineering

  • John Pardue, professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • John Smith, professor, Department of Petroleum Engineering

LSU College of Humanities & Social Sciences

  • Troy Blanchard, associate professor, Department of Sociology
  • Matthew Lee, professor, Department of Sociology

Louisiana Sea Grant College Program

  • David Nieland, manager

“So many of our researchers have participated in extensive research and service related to the disaster in the Gulf,” said Doris Carver, interim vice chancellor of research and economic development. “These 10 faculty and staff members are representative of many from the LSU community who demonstrated a strong sense of public service, produced substantial research efforts and also demonstrated commitment above and beyond their normal research and teaching obligations. All of our faculty who worked hard to ensure that the oil would be cleaned, analyzed and mitigated are to be applauded.”