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Undergraduate Admissions

Students who wish to enroll in the LSU School of Music must be admissible to Louisiana State University and successfully pass an audition with the School of Music. These two steps occur simultaneously.

Music merit scholarships are only awarded to students pursuing a Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Music Education, or Bachelor of Arts in Music degree. Scholarships range from partial to full-tuition, and may be combined with additional awards.  Scholarship decisions are primarily based on the audition.

 Application Process

Visit LSU Undergraduate Admissions and apply to become an LSU student.

Admission to the School of Music requires an audition, tailored to your chosen area of study. Once your application is submitted to the LSU, you may fill out the audition form below.

Note: You do not have to be formally accepted to LSU to begin the audition process. You only need to have submitted an application.

How and when this audition takes place depends on the semester of enrollment; for more information about the difference, see the “Dates & Deadlines” box on the right side of this page.

Audition requirements for each area are available through the link below. Questions about criteria can be directed to the appropriate faculty member or by emailing musicadmissions@lsu.edu.

Audition Application Form

View Audition Requirements

To be admitted to MUS 2620 (Theory I) or MUS 2630 (Honors Theory I), all first-year School of Music undergraduates and transfer students must either take and pass MUS 1701 (Foundations of Music Study), OR take and pass an entrance diagnostic exam. Sample questions are provided below for study.

Aural skills and music theory are strongly integrated parts of our curriculum; we encourage incoming students to prepare themselves for music study at LSU by consulting some of the aural skills tools available via the Internet or elsewhere.

Theory Placement Exam - Sample Questions

Undergraduate Programs

The LSU School of Music offers several categories of undergraduate degrees, covering a broad range of skill sets and specializations. Any information below is for planning purposes only, and does not replace a student’s individual catalog and degree audit requirements upon entering the School.



LSU Undergraduate Admissions

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Audition Weekends

Dates & Deadlines

August 1: Applications open for upcoming semesters.

November 15: Deadline for priority scholarship consideration.


Fall: Students enrolling in the next fall semester should complete auditions by March 1.

Auditions are scheduled by the end of December, based on the students preferred date/means as indicated on their audition form.

Spring: Students enrolling in the next spring semester should complete their auditions by December 15.

Auditions are scheduled individually, through the respective area coordinator or faculty member. Alternatively, applicants may submit a recorded video audition via Acceptd.


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