Classroom Teacher Enrollment Program (CTEP), the Louisiana state tuition program, is discontinued.

Last updated July 2017

During the 1993 Regular Legislative Session, state legislators passed House Bill 535, which created the Louisiana Classroom Teacher Enrollment Program (CTEP).  This program allowed classroom teachers to attend Louisiana's public colleges and universities on a space available basis without the university receiving any tuition.  The implementation of CTEP was contingent upon BESE providing 8(g) funds to teachers for tuition exemption.  BESE no longer provides 8(g) teacher tuition exemption funds; thus, the conditions no longer exist for the implementation of CTEP.

Applications for CTEP are no longer available on the Board of Regents web site.  Teachers are asked to contact Jeanne Burns, Associate Commissioner for Teacher and Leadership Initiatives, State of Louisiana Board of Regents, at or 225-342-4253 if they have questions about CTEP being discontinued.