Louisiana Coastal Geology Symposium 2018

 Coastal zone map

July 10-11, 2018
Dalton J. Woods Auditorium
LSU Energy, Coast & Environment Building
Baton Rouge


Presented by
Louisiana Geological Survey
New Orleans Geological Society


Preliminary Call for Abstracts

This symposium will bring together scientists, engineers and policy makers from across a range of disciplines to exchange ideas, interpretations and insights on Louisiana coastal geology – both onshore and offshore – and on associated topics. It will be held in the Dalton J. Woods Auditorium of the Energy, Coast and Environment Building at Louisiana State University. John E. Johnston III of the Louisiana Geological Survey will serve as symposium chair.

You are hereby invited to submit an abstract for consideration as an oral or poster session at the symposium.

Deadline for abstracts: June 10, 2018.

Topics for submission related to the Louisiana coast (specifically including the offshore) and its geology include:

  • Coastal geology
  • Coastal geohazards
  • Coastal ecology
  • Coastal environments
  • Coastal erosion
  • Coastal landforms and geomorphology
  • Coastal oil and gas regulation
  • Coastal sedimentology
  • Coastal subsidence
  • Geological components of coastal sustainability planning
  • Geological oceanography
  • Geological processes affecting the onshore and offshore landscapes
  • Geology, geomorphology, and geohazards of Louisiana barrier islands
  • New technologies or methodologies
  • Oil spill studies
  • Onshore and offshore geological, geophysical, geochemical, sedimentological and paleontological investigations
  • Onshore and offshore oil and gas exploration and production
  • Onshore and offshore pipelines
  • Paleoclimate studies
  • Planning impacts of coastal geologic features
  • Salt dissolution
  • Salt water intrusion
  • Sea level rise
  • Tsunamis, waves and tides


Abstracts must be submitted here.


Registration Information

  • Advance registration must be postmarked by June 30, 2018.
  • Checks should be made out to “New Orleans Geological Society” with “LCGS 2018” in the “For” blank
  • Regular registration is $40 until June 30, 2018, and $80 thereafter.
  • Student registration is $5 until June 30, 2018, and $10 thereafter.
  • Speakers and posters presenters receive free registration.
  • Click here for the advance registration form.


Additionally the Louisiana Geological Survey and the New Orleans Geological Society have joined forces in 2018 to lead the development of a Louisiana Coastal Geohazards Atlas.  Several presentations will be made regarding the atlas and its progress.


For further information, please contact John E. Johnston III at hammer@lsu.edu.