Center for Coastal Resiliency

The LSU Center for Coastal Resiliency (CCR) is focused on the advancement and application of computational hydrodynamic and hydrologic models to include overland flow, river discharge, tides, wind-waves, and hurricane storm surge.

The Center is also developing advanced systems-based models for the assessment of effects of climate change and associated sea level rise, oil transport and fate, and the Gulf dead zone. Direct benefits include better understanding of the dynamic, interrelated processes of natural and human systems and the ability to analyze impacts to the overall system at the coastal land margin. Extensive interdisciplinary research experience enables the LSU CCR to effectively collaborate with natural and social scientists, engineers, government agencies, and stakeholders. Together they produce transdisciplinary results and provide effective tools and products that enhance coastal resiliency. Research and outreach activities target the northern Gulf of Mexico (with particular focus on Louisiana and including Mississippi, Alabama, and the Florida panhandle.) The LSU CCR is authorized by the Louisiana Board of Regents.



Dr. Scott C. Hagen
Director, Center for Coastal Resiliency
Louisiana Sea Grant Laborde Chair


Dr. Matthew V. Bilskie
Research Scientist

Dr. Karim Alizad
Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr. Madeline Foster-Martinez
Postdoctoral Researcher

Sandy Dokka Parfait
Administrative Coordinator/
Press & Media Coordinator

Faculty Advisory Board

Dr. Dubravko Justic
     (Oceanography & Coastal Sciences)
Dr. Hartmut Kaiser
     (Computer Science)
Dr. Barry D. Keim
     (Geography and Anthropology)
Dr. Margaret A Reams  
     (Environmental Sciences)


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