Undergraduate Admissions

The LSU College of Science admits students to undergraduate degree programs each semester and summer term.  Consistent with university guidelines, a continuing student can apply for admission to a college during a period when no coursework is in progress.  This period basically runs from the day final grades are posted for a given semester until the last day to add courses for the next semester or term.  Students interested in admission to the College of Science are encouraged to call the college office at (225) 578-4200

New transfer students and returning re-entry students to the University must submit an undergraduate application before admission can be reviewed.


Undergraduate Admission Requirements

Students interested in entering the College of Science should pay close attention to the mathematics and science courses they select. 

Transfer students from other accredited colleges or universities will be permitted to enter the college when they

  • Present, by means of an official transcript, evidence that they have met the current admission requirements of the University & senior college
  • Receive approval of the dean of the college. 

Students will be admitted to the college when they:

  • have earned 24 or more semester hours of credit in courses numbered 1000 or above;
  • have maintained a grade-point average of at least 2.00 on both LSU and overall averages;
  • have passed all courses in mathematics and science with grades of "C" or better or received special approval of the dean of the college;
  • have passed ENGL 1002 1001 or the equivalent with a grade of "C" or better.
    have earned credit in MATH 1022 OR 1023 OR 1550 OR 1551 with a grade of "C" or better.
  • entry into any of the three majors (biochemistry, biological sciences, and microbiology) in the Department of Biological Sciences requires earned credit in BIOL 1201 and 1202; CHEM 1201; and MATH 1550.
  • entry into any of the four secondary education concentrations (biological sciences, chemistry, mathematics or physics) requires a 2.50 LSU and cumulative gpa and passing scores on the PRAXIS I assessments or minimum ACT composite of 22.