The University


Because it is a state-supported institution, LSU receives most of its funds from legislative appropriations. The budget for 2008-09, including the School of Veterinary Medicine, totaled $451,275,826.

These funds, expressed in millions of dollars, came from:

Source of Revenue Amount
State appropriations $260.75 million
Student fees 161.8 million
Other sources     28.8 million
Total $451.3 million


Area of Expenditure Amount
Instruction $199.7 million
Research 58.5 million
Public service 10 million
Operation and maintenance 53.2 million
Academic support 57.2 million
Institutional support 27.6 million
Student services 13.1 million
Scholarships and fellowships 31.5 million
Transfers       .5 million
Total $451.3 million

The estimated worth of the physical plant of LSU is $1,157 million. LSU's annual operating budget totals approximately $451.3 million. Not included in the above is approximately $111 million of grant and contract funds, which are restricted in their use. These funds are received from federal, state, and private sources.

The University spends about $151 million to operate its auxiliaries (student housing, food services, Student Union, etc.). Capital construction for auxiliary operations is funded through the issuance of University revenue bonds liquidated through the operation of such units.

Construction and renovation of generaluse buildings are usually funded by the Legislature through the state Office of Facility Planning & Control.

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