Under the Constitution of the State of Louisiana, 16 members are appointed to the Board of Supervisors by the Governor; Act 2 of the 1975 extraordinary session of the Louisiana Legislature authorized the appointment of one student member. The term of appointment of new members may not exceed six years; the student member serves a one-year term. This list reflects Board membership at the time of publication of this catalog. Officers of the Board serve a one-year term beginning in August.



RODERICK K. WEST • New Orleans • Chairman • 2012
JERRY E. SHEA, JR. • New Iberia • Chairman-elect • 2010


JACK A. ANDONIE • Metairie • 2012
MARTY J. CHABERT • Chauvin • 2006
CONNIE R. COOPER • Alexandria • Student Member • 2007
STANLEY JACOBS • New Orleans • 2012
JOHN F. GEORGE • Shreveport • 2012
FRANCIS M. GOWEN, JR. • Shreveport • 2010
HAL H. HINCHLIFFE • Monroe • 2008
ALVIN E. KIMBLE • Baton Rouge • 2012
LOUIS J. LAMBERT • Prairieville • 2008
LAURA A. LEACH • Lake Charles • 2012
BEN M. MOUNT • Lake Charles • 2008
DOROTHY REESE • New Orleans • 2010
JAMES P. ROY • Lafayette • 2010
CHARLES S. WEEMS III • Alexandria • 2008

WILLIAM L. JENKINS • President of the LSU System • Secretary to the Board
CARLEEN N. SMITH • Administrative Secretary

*Terms expire June 1; student, May 31.


FOREST BENEDICT, MS, Vice President for Human Resources & Risk Management
CAROLYN H. HARGRAVE, PhD • Vice President for Academic Affairs and Technology Transfer
ROBERT H. RASMUSSEN, EdD • Assistant Vice President for System Relations
CHARLES ZEWE, PhD • Vice President for Communications and External Affairs
RAYMOND LAMONICA, JD • General Counsel
JOHN ANTOLIK, MBA • Assistant Vice President & Comptroller
JAMES G. HOWELL, B.Arch.• Assistant Vice President & University Architect
THERESA SUMMER, PhD • Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs
SHERYL S. RAMIREZ • Executive Assistant to the President


Office of the Chancellor

SEAN O’KEEFE, M.P.A. • Chancellor

JACKIE BARTKIEWICZ, BS • Communications Coordinator
D’ANN MORRIS, BS • Assistant to the Chancellor
RENEÉ BOUTTE MYER, MPA • Assistant to the Chancellor
DEBBIE RICHARDS, BS • Assistant to the Chancellor
KIRSTEN W. SCHWEHM, PhD • University Ombudsperson
CRAIG HOLDEN, MPA • Director of Internal Audit
LISA HAILEY, Coordinator
SHIRON GAINES • Assistant to the Chancellor
CHRIS HOWARD, JD • Associate Athletic Director of Compliance

SKIP BERTMAN, MEd • Athletic Director

Vice Chancellor/Academic Affairs

HAROLD SILVERMAN, PhD • Interim Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost, Dean, Graduate School
FRANK K. CARTLEDGE, PhD • Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
JAMES P. FERNANDEZ, MBA • Vice Provost for Fiscal Management
CHARLES A. WILSON, PhD • Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
JAMES McCOY, PhD • Vice Provost for Enrollment Management, Planning and Policy
KATRICE A. ALBERT, PhD • Vice Provost for Equity, Diversity, & Community Outreach
JEANNINE O. KAHN, PhD • Assistant Vice Chancellor
MARCO J. BARKER • Assistant to Vice Provost
PEGGY MILLER • Assistant to the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost

College of Agriculture • KENNETH L. KOONCE, PhD, Dean
College of Art & Design • DAVID CRONRATH, MArch, Dean
College of Arts & Sciences • GUILLERMO S. FERREYRA, PhD, Dean
College of Basic Sciences • KEVIN CARMAN, PhD, Dean
E. J. Ourso College of Business ROBERT T. SUMICHRAST, PhD, Dean
School of the Coast & Environment • EDWARD LAWS, PhD, Dean
Continuing Education • DOUGLAS WEIMER, MA • Executive Director
College of Education • M. JAYNE FLEENER, PhD, Dean
College of Engineering • ZAKI BASSIOUNI, PhD, Dean
Honors College • NANCY CLARK, PhD, Dean
Manship School of Mass Communication • JOHN M. HAMILTON, PhD, Dean
College of Music & Dramatic Arts • RONALD D. ROSS, PhD, Dean
Graduate School • HAROLD SILVERMAN, PhD, Dean
School of Library & Information Science • BETH M. PASKOFF, PhD, Dean
School of Social Work • PAMELA MONROE, PhD, Interim Dean
School of Veterinary Medicine • PETER F. HAYNES Interim Dean
University Libraries • JENNIFER S. CARGILL, MS, Dean
LSU Museum of Art • TOM LIVESAY, MFA, Executive Director
Cain Center for Communication Across the Curriculum • LILLIAN BRIDWELLBOWLES, EdD, Director
Campus Community Coalition for Change • NANCY MATHEWS, EdD, Director
Information Technology Services • BRIAN VOSS, BS, Chief Information Officer

Cox Communication Academic Center for Student Athletes • TOMAS JIMENEZ, MS, Executive Director

Centers for Excellence in Learning and
Teaching • JOSEPH A. HUTCHINSON, EdD, Executive Director

International Programs •

Office of Multicultural Affairs • CHAUNDA ALLEN, MPA, Director
LSU Museum of Natural Science • FREDERICK H. SHELDON, PhD, Director
Rural Life Museum and Windrush Gardens • DAVID J. W. FLOYD, BA, Director
National Center for Security Research & Training • JAMES P. FERNANDEZ, MBA, Executive Director

Southern Review • R. BRETLEY LOTT, M.F.A., Editor
Women’s Center • JESSICA McKELVIE, MS, Director

Communication & University Relations

MICHAEL RUFFNER, PhD • Vice Chancellor

Legislative and External Affairs • JASON DRODDY, MPA, Assistant Vice Chancellor
Office of Institutional Advancement • BUNNIE CANNON, MS, Assistant Vice Chancellor
Public Affairs • HOLLY H. CULLEN, MBA, Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor

Finance & Administrative Services

JERRY J. BAUDIN, PhD • Vice Chancellor and Comptroller

Accounting Services • DONNA K. TORRES, MS, Associate Vice Chancellor

Administrative Services • ERIC N. MONDAY, MPA, Associate Vice Chancellor

Budget and Planning • L. ROBERT KUHN, JR., MBA, Associate Vice Chancellor
Facility Services • JOE KELLEY, MPA, PE, Associate Vice Chancellor

Financial System Services • CAROL WESSON, BS, Director
Human Resource Management • MARIAN CAILLIER, MBA, Assistant Vice Chancellor
Public Safety • GARY T. DURHAM, BA, Executive Director

Research & Economic Development

BROOKS A. KEEL, PhD • Vice Chancellor
DORIS CARVER, PhD • Associate Vice Chancellor
ROBERT TWILLEY, PhD • Associate Vice Chancellor for Coastal Recovery
TODD A. POURCIAU, MAH • Assistant Vice Chancellor

J. Bennett Johnston, Sr., Center for Advanced Microstructures and Devices • DAVID EDERER, PhD, Director
Center for Computation & Technology • ED SEIDEL, PhD, Director
Center for Energy Studies • ALLAN G. PULSIPHER, PhD, Executive Director
Center for Geoinformatics • ROY DOKKA, PhD, Director
LSU Hurricane Center • MARC LEVITAN, PhD, Director
Institutional Review Board • ROBERT C. MATHEWS, PhD, Chair
Office of Intellectual Property • Vacant , Associate Vice Chancellor
Intercollege Environmental Cooperative • BARRY DELLINGER, PhD, Director
Life Course and Aging Studies Center • KATIE CHERRY, PhD, Director
Louisiana Space Consortium • JOHN P. WEFEL, PhD, Director
Sea Grant Development • CHUCK WILSON, PhD, Executive Director
Sponsored Programs • JAMES L. BATES, BS, Director

Strategic Initiatives

ISIAH M. WARNER, PhD • Vice Chancellor
SU-SENG PANG, PhD • Associate Vice Chancellor
CONNIE STELLY, MEd, Executive Assistant to the Vice Chancellor

Student Life & Academic Services

F. NEIL MATHEWS, PhD • Vice Chancellor
PAMELA A. COLTHARP, BS • Assistant to the Vice Chancellor

Office of the Dean of Students • K. C. WHITE, EdD, Assistant Vice Chancellor and Dean

Student Auxiliary Services • DORIS B. COLLINS, PhD, Associate Vice Chancellor

Student Services • ARTHUR A. GOULAS, BA, Assistant Vice Chancellor

University College • CAROLYN C. COLLINS, PhD, Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean

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