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The Office of International Programs (OIP) strives to help students develop the international skills and perspectives needed to live and work in a global society. Activities of the OIP are organized into four divisions: Academic Programs Abroad, International Development, International Services, and International Cultural Center.


OFFICE • 106 Hatcher Hall
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Students participating in Academic Programs Abroad (APA) travel worldwide to study for a summer, semester, or an academic year. Students earn credit toward LSU degrees and return to LSU to complete their curricula.

Through overseas study, students are immersed in foreign languages and cultures, have access to course work unavailable on the home campus, develop personal independence and global awareness, and enjoy academic and travel opportunities that enrich their general education. Many students find that study abroad gives them an advantage in the job market and in applying for graduate school. Others discover routes to international careers in business, government, law, and the arts.

Students select from a variety of options. Many join group programs led by LSU faculty, to such locations as London and Paris. Others participate in exchange and junior year abroad programs, which place students directly in overseas universities where they study alongside natives of the host countries. Some students study in programs offered by other U.S. schools or enroll directly in a foreign university.

Students receive academic credit for study abroad. In LSU faculty-led programs, students receive regular credit in LSU courses, just as they would on campus. In exchange programs and direct-enrollment programs, students earn the credits at the host institution and transfer them to LSU. Only students who are enrolled at LSU the semester prior to the semester of study abroad are eligible for concurrent enrollment. Prior approval of course selection is required of all students who desire credit for overseas course work.

Students scheduled for full-time studies abroad may use TOPS and most LSU and federal financial aid for their programs. They may also apply for the LSU Study Abroad Scholarship and other financial aid specifically for study abroad.

The best time to begin thinking about study abroad is during the freshman year. At this time, students can select courses to take abroad and those to complete at LSU. They can also prepare for any language or other skills necessary for the overseas experience.

Academic Programs Abroad also provides information on work and internship opportunities overseas.

Interested students are urged to contact Academic Programs Abroad, 106 Hatcher Hall, or call 225-578-6801 for information and an application.

The National Student Exchange (NSE) program, coordinated by Academic Programs Abroad, offers students the opportunity to study for a semester/year across the U.S. and its territories. Through the NSE consortium, students may choose from more than 170 colleges and enroll out-of-state at the same cost as residents. In a reciprocal manner, LSU receives students from all over the U.S.

The NSE offers numerous benefits. In addition to travel, students can explore the cultural diversity of various regions of our country. They can take courses unavailable at LSU and visit potential sites for graduate study. Participants develop self reliance and make valuable career contacts through internship programs.

Recently, LSU students have studied in Alabama, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Montana, New Mexico, North Carolina, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. Students taking courses for transfer to LSU must complete—in advance—an approval process to ensure receipt of academic credit.

Students with scholarships, grants, and loans may use LSU and federal financial aid to participate in the NSE. The host NSE schools provide a number of services to incoming LSU students, such as assistance with housing, registration, and occasionally, part-time jobs. Each NSE school has a coordinator assigned to facilitate the exchange and help incoming students.

To qualify for the NSE, applicants must have at least a 2.50 overall grade point average and must have earned a minimum of 36 hours of credit. The application deadline for placement in programs during the following academic year is the second week of February.

Additional information is available from Academic Programs Abroad in 106 Hatcher Hall, 225-578-6801. Catalogs of the participating NSE schools are also available.


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International Development (ID) coordinates the University's activities with foreign universities and governments. The office’s main focus is to help initiate joint international projects that will support economic development in Louisiana and in other parts of the world. ID also assists in efforts to secure funding for international activities from various multilateral development agencies.


OFFICE • 101 Hatcher Hall
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International Services (IS) provides advisory services to international students regarding their educational, financial, immigration, personal, and social concerns. Similar services are available to international faculty and research scholars. This office also assists with - the cultural environment of the community. International Services is responsible for approving clearance of nonimmigrant students on financial and immigration bases. This office prepares all documents necessary for international students to achieve or maintain proper nonimmigrant student status in the U.S. and organizes an orientation program for all new international students.

All nonimmigrant international students seeking permission to work on or off campus must receive approval or recommendation from this office.

The IS office assists with the coordination of the University's international student services and programs with community organizations, faculty and student groups, and governmental and private agencies. In this office, international students may apply for small, short-term emergency loans, and currently enrolled international undergraduate students with exceptional grades may apply for a limited number of partial scholarships.


MANAGER • Kirsch
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The International Cultural Center is a cultural and activity center funded and governed by international students. Programs range from social events and excursions, to workshops, and music and theater productions. Space is also available for short term and emergency accommodations for newly arrived international students and other international guests on a first come, first served basis.

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