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*CORNELIA M. YARBROUGH, Derryl and Helen Haymon Endowed Professor of Music. Ph.D., Florida State University.

*DAVID A. YORK, Boyd Professor; Professor of Medicine, Pennington Biomedical Research Center; Adjunct Professor of Biological Science; Adjunct Professor of Food Science; Adjunct Professor of Veterinary Pathology (Department of Pathobiological Sciences). Ph.D., Southhampton University (England).

CAROL L. YOUNG, Instructor in Education (University Laboratory School). M.A., University of New Orleans.
DAVID P. YOUNG, Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy. Ph.D., The Florida State University.
EMILY B. YOUNG, Instructor in Education (University Laboratory School). M.Ed., LSU.
LIPING YU, Instructor in Chinese (Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures). B.A., Beijing Normal College of Foreign Languages.