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*JAMES H. OARD, Associate Professor of Agronomy. Ph.D., Iowa State University.
*ROBERT F. O'CONNELL, Boyd Professor; Professor of Physics and Astronomy. Ph.D., University of Notre Dame; D.Sc., National University of Ireland.
*JANNA B. OETTING, Associate Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders. Ph.D., University of Kansas.
KURTAY OGUNC, Adjunct Instructor in Finance; Investment Manager, LSU Office of Finance and Administrative Services. M.S., LSU.
**CAGLA OKTEN, Assistant Professor of Economics. Ph.D., Northwestern University.
*GESTUR OLAFSSON, Professor of Mathematics. Ph.D., University of Göttingen (Germany).

BRUCE M. OLCOTT, Associate Professor of Veterinary Medicine (Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences); Veterinary Clinician. D.V.M., University of Georgia; M.S., Washington State University; M.B.A., LSU.

*ELISABETH OLIVER, Associate Professor of English. Ph.D., Harvard University.
MAUREEN OLLE, Assistant Librarian. M.L.I.S., Wayne State University.
*JAMES OLNEY, LSU Foundation Henry J. Voorhies Professor; Professor of English; Professor of French Studies; Coeditor, Southern Review. Ph.D., Columbia University.
HEATHER OLSON-BEAL, Instructor in Spanish. M.A., Texas A&M University.
*CAROL E. O'NEIL, Associate Professor of Human Ecology. Ph.D., Tulane University.
*PATRICIA O'NEILL, Associate Professor of Music. M.M., LSU.
*BOGDAN S. OPOROWSKI, Associate Professor of Mathematics. Ph.D., The Ohio State University.
*KATHY L. O'REILLY, Associate Professor of Veterinary Immunology (Department of Pathobiological Sciences). Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Madison.
SETH ORGEL, Instructor in Music. B.M., Northwestern University.
MICHAEL E. ORLOWSKI, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences. Ph.D., Indiana University.
**EVELYN ORMAN, Assistant Professor of Music. Ed.D., University of Alabama.
*JAMES A. OTTEA,Professor of Entomology. Ph.D., University of California, Davis.

KEITH OUCHLEY, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Wildlife (School of Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries); Executive Director, The Nature Conservancy of Louisiana, Baton Rouge, LA. Ph.D., LSU.

†CHARLES OVERSTREET, Associate Specialist, Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service (affiliated with Department of Plant Pathology and Crop Physiology). Ph.D., LSU.

KAREN BEHM OVERSTREET, Adjunct Professor of Human Ecology; Specialist, Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service; Specialist, Community Leadership and Family Resource Management (Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness). Ph.D., The Ohio State University.

*EDWARD B. OVERTON, Professor (Research) of Environmental Studies; Adjunct Professor of Chemistry. Ph.D., University of Alabama.
*THOMAS C.OWEN, Lewis, Kathryn, and Benjamin Price Professor of History. Ph.D., Harvard University.
*WILLIAM E. OWENS, Adjunct Professor of Dairy Science; Professor, Hill Farm Research Station, Homer, LA. Ph.D., LSU.
*JAMES G. OXLEY, William E. "Bud" Davis Alumni Professor; Professor of Mathematics. Ph.D., University of Oxford (England).