Boyd Professors

Faculty members who are designated as Boyd Professors have attained both national and international distinction for outstanding teaching, research, or other creative achievement. The Boyd Professorship is the highest professorial rank awarded by the University. Faculty members currently designated as Boyd Professor at LSU are:

ARTHUR G. BEDEIAN • Management
MEREDITH M. BLACKWELL • Biological Sciences
ROBERT A. GODKE • Animal Science
THOMAS R. KLEI • Veterinary Microbiology and Parasitology
JIMMIE D. LAWSON • Mathematics
ROBERT F. O'CONNELL • Physics and Astronomy
WILLIAM H. PATRICK, JR. • Oceanography and Coastal Sciences
WILLIAM A. PRYOR • Chemistry
HARRY H. ROBERTS • Oceanography and Costal Sciences
DAVID J. SMITH • English
GEORGE Z. VOYIADJIS • Civil and Environmental Engineering
ISIAH M. WARNER • Chemistry
JAMES M. COLEMAN • Oceanography and Coastal Sciences
MARY L. GOOD • Engineering
SEAN P. McGLYNN • Chemistry
SHIRLEY C. TUCKER • Plant Biology
H. JESSE WALKER • Geography and Anthropology

The William A. Read Professorship of English Literature and the Nicholson Professorship of Mathematics are comparable to the Boyd Professorship. Those holding these professorships are:

HUI-HSIUNG KUO • Nicholson Professor of Mathematics
J. GERALD KENNEDY • William A. Read Professor of English Literature
Alumni Professors

Selection as an Alumni Professor is based on reputation for excellence in instruction, especially in undergraduate teaching; record of active and continuing interest and participation in areas of professor-student relations; dedication to an academic field; and outstanding professional relationships with other faculty and staff members. Faculty members currently holding the title of Alumni Professor at LSU are:

FRANK K. CARTLEDGE • Class of 1941 Alumni Professor• Chemistry
MICHAEL L. CRESPO • Robert Stobaugh Alumni Professor•Art
WILLIAM H. DALY • Greater Houston Alumni Chapter Endowed Alumni Professor • Chemistry
CECIL L. EUBANKS • Class of 1942 Alumni Professor• Political Science
JEFFREY S. HANOR • Past Presidents of the LSU Alumni Association Alumni Professor • Geology and Geophysics
JOHN R. MAY • Donald and Norma Nash McClure Alumni Professor• English
ANNA K. NARDO • Major Morris S. and DeEtte A. Anderson Memorial Alumni Professor• English
JAMES G. OXLEY • William E. "Bud" Davis Alumni Professor• Mathematics
JAMES A. RICHARDSON • John Rhea Alumni Professor• Economics
KARL A. ROIDER • Thomas and Lillian Landrum Alumni Professor• History
TERESA A. SUMMERS • Cliff and Nancy Spanier Alumni Professor• Human Ecology
FRANK B. WICKES • Julian R. and Sidney Nicolle Carruth Alumni Professor• Music
EDWARD F. ZGANJAR • Demarcus D. Smith Alumni Professor• Physics and Astronomy
SAM ADAMS • Education
THOMAS R. BEARD • Economics
ARTHUR R. COLMER • Microbiology
HERMAN E. DALY • Economics
SAM B. HILLIARD • Geography
MARY FRANCES HOPKINS • Speech Communication
GEORGE G. KENT, JR. • Zoology
JOHN L. LOOS • History
BURL L. NOGGLE • History
JAMES P. PAYNE, JR. • Economics
ROBERT S. REICH • Landscape Architecture
EDWIN O. TIMMONS • Psychology
LSU Foundation Professors

Like the Boyd Professorship and the Alumni Professorship, LSU Foundation Professorships are University-wide awards. Funded through the generosity of the LSU Foundation, these professorships are awarded by the University in recognition of exemplary distinction in research, scholarship, and the arts.

PETER P. CHEN • LSU Foundation Murphy J. Foster Professor
JOHN MAXWELL HAMILTON • LSU Foundation Hopkins P. Breazeale Professor
J. JEFFERSON HUMPHRIES • LSU Foundation Professor
JAMES OLNEY • LSU Foundation Henry J. Voorhies Professor

Other Distinguished Chairs and Professorships
The University's other distinguished professorships and chairs and the faculty members who hold them are as follows:
Endowed Chairs
MICHAEL BEARDSLEY • Fred Jones Greer, Jr. Endowed Chair in Media Business and Ethics
ARNOLD H. BOUMA • Charles T. McCord, Jr., Endowed Chair of Geology
ALVIN C. BURNS •Ourso Distinguished Chair of Marketing
THOMAS D. CLARK, JR. • Ourso Distinguished Professor of Business and Dean
TIMOTHY COOK • Kevin P. Reilly, Sr., Chair in Political Communication
WILLIAM M. CREADY • Thomas H. Daigre Endowed Chair of Business Administration
H. BARRY DELLINGER • Patrick F. Taylor Chair in Environmental Impact of Hazardous Waste
WILLIAM B. DICKINSON • Manship Chair of Mass Communication
DON W. FINN • Ourso Distinguished Chair in Accounting
JAMES GILL • Contractors' Educational Trust Fund Chair
JOSEPH F. HAIR, JR. • Alvin C. Copeland Endowed Chair of Franchising
R. CARTER HILL • Ourso Distinguished Chair in Economics
JAMES E. HILLIARD • Cherie H. Flores Endowed Chair of M.B.A. Studies
SHANE A. JOHNSON • Hermann Moyse, Jr./Louisiana Bankers' Association Chair of Banking
MICHAEL KHONSARI • Dow Chemical Endowed Chair in Rotating Machinery
JI-CHAI LIN • Lloyd F. Collette Chair
ROY J. MARTIN • Gordon D. Cain Endowed Chair in Agriculture
JOHN B. METCALF • Freeport McMoRan Chaired Professor of Engineering
KEVIN W. MOSSHOLDER • H. Norman Saurage, Jr./Community Coffee Company, Inc., Endowed Chair of Entrepreneurship
KELLEY PACE • Louisiana Real Estate Commission Endowed Chair of Real Estate
PEGGY W. PRENSHAW • Fred C. Frey Chair of Southern Studies
JORGE PULLIN • Hearne Research Chair in Theoretical Physics
HELMUT SCHNEIDER • Ourso Family Distinguished Professorof Information Systems
P. DAVID SHIELDS • James C. Flores Endowed Chair of M.B.A. Studies
MILTON D. TERRELL • Freeport McMoRan Corporation Endowed Chair in Economics
PRIYA VASHISHTA • Floating Point Systems Professor of Computational Methods
ISIAH M. WARNER • Philip W. West Chair in Air Quality/Environmental Analytical Chemistry
VINCENT LEE WILSON • Claiborne Gasoline Co. Chair of Air Quality and Environmental Toxicology
ANDRZEJ WOJTANOWICZ • Texaco Chair in Environmental Engineering
Endowed Professors
SUMANTA ACHARYA • L. R. Daniel, Jr., Professor of Mechanical Engineering
DONALD D. ADRIAN • Rubicon Professor of Engineering
PRATUL K. AJMERA • McDermott International, Inc. Endowed Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
WILLIAM B. ANDERSON • Howard and Nantelle Mitchiner Gittinger Professor of Mass Communication
BARBARA C. APOSTOLOU • Arthur Andersen and Company Endowed Professor
NICHOLAS G. APOSTOLOU • U. J. LeGrange Endowed Professor of Accounting
THOMAS M. ARNOLD • Union National Life Insurance Company Business Partnership Professor
R. RICHARD AVENT • Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Armstrong, Jr., Professor of Engineering
ZAKI A. BASSIOUNI • Chevron Professor of Engineering; John W. Rhea, Jr., Professor of Engineering
ARTHUR G. BEDEIAN • Ralph and Kacoo Olinde Distinguished Professor of Management
THOMAS D. BIDNER • Meryal Newsom Annison Memorial Endowed Professorof Animal Science
ABHIJIT BISWAS • Marjory B. Ourso Center for Excellence in Teaching Professor
WILLIAM C. BLACK • Piccadilly, Inc. Business Administration Business Partnership Professor
TERRY M. BRICKER • Moreland Family Professor of Basic Sciences
MICHAEL F. BURNETT • J. C. Floyd Endowed Professor of Agriculture
ALEXANDER W. BUTLER • Charles Clifford Cameron Distinguished Professor
GARY R. BYERLY • Robey H. Clark Distinguished Professor
JOHN T. CAPRIO • George C. Kent Endowed Professor of Biological Sciences
CONSTANCE K. CARROLL • Aloysia Landry Barineau Memorial Endowed Professor of Music
JIMMY L. CHAMBERS • Weaver Brothers Endowed Professorship for Excellence in Forestry
LUI-HEUNG CHAN • Department of Geology and Geophysics Charles L. Jones Endowed Professor
TIMOTHY D. CHANDLER • Robert H. and Patricia A. Hines Professor of Management
COURTLAND M. CHANEY • Marjory B. Ourso Center for Excellence in Teaching Professor
TRYFON T. CHARALAMPOPOULOS • Ted and Esther Walker Professor of Mechanical Engineering
YOUNG CHUN • Marjory B. Ourso Center for Excellence in Teaching Professor
THOMAS J. CLEIJ • Gordon A. and Mary Cain Professor of Chemical Engineering
ANDREI CODRESCU • MacCurdy Distinguished Professor of English
ARMANDO B. CORRIPIO • Jay Affolter Endowed Professor
D. LARRY CRUMBLEY • KPMG Peat Marwick Endowed Professor
ANNE CUNNINGHAM • Douglas L. Manship, Sr., Professor of Mass Communication
JOHN W. DAY, JR. • Louisiana Environmental Studies Distinguished Professor
LOUIS A. DAY • Doris Westmoreland Darden Professor
DONALD R. DEIS • Ernst & Young Endowed Professor
WILLIAM E. DOLL, JR. • Vira Franklin and James R. Eagles Endowed Professor
KERRY M. DOOLEY • BASF Endowed Professor
CARVILLE EARLE • Carl O. Sauer Professor of Geography
JAY D. EDWARDS • Fred B. Kniffen Professor of Geography and Anthropology
PIUS EGBELU • Bert S. Turner Endowed Professor
AHMED A. EL-AMAWY • Chevron Endowed Professor
RAY E. FERRELL, JR. • Frank W. and Patricia Harrison Family Professor
JOHN W. FLEEGER • George C. Kent Endowed Professor of Life Sciences
DONALD E. FRANKE • Mr. and Mrs. Herman E. McFatter Endowed Professor in Animal Science
BARBARA S. FUHRMANN • E. B. "Ted" Robert Professor of Education
W. KENNETH FULTON, JR. • Stephanie Landry Barineau Endowed Professor of Choral Studies
JAMES C. GARAND • Emogene Pliner Professor of Political Science
RONALD G. GARAY • F. Walker Lockett, Jr., Distinguished Professor
TERRY G. GESKE • J. Franklin Bayhi Endowed Professor
JAMES H. GILL • Contractors' Educational Trust Fund Professorship for Applied Professional Ethics
ROBERT GRAYSON • Edith Killgore Kirkpatrick School of Music Endowed Professor
GREGORY L. GRIFFIN • George H. Nusloch II Endowed Professor of Chemical Engineering
MARK S. HAFNER • George H. Lowery, Jr. Professor of Biological Sciences
DOUGLAS P. HARRISON • Alexis and Marguerite Voorhies Endowed Professor
STACIA HAYNIE• Remal Das and Lachmi Devi Bhatia Memorial Professor of Mass Communication
JOHN B. HENDERSON • William and Letitia Bell Endowed Professor of History
DARRELL HENRY • Campanille Charities Professor of Geology and Geophysics
MICHAEL A. HENSON • James McLaurin Shivers Professor
JAN W. HERLINGER • Derryl and Helen Haymon Professor of Music
STANLEY E. HILTON • Jane Lucas DeGrummond Endowed Professor of History
MARTIN A. HJORTSØ • George H. Nusloch II Endowed Professor of Chemical Engineering
PAUL E. HOFFMAN • Paul W. and Nancy W. Murrill Distinguished Professor
JERRY L. HOUSEHOLDER • Buquet and LeBlanc, Inc., Distinguished Professor of Commercial Construction
ANDREA HOUSTON • Marjory B. Ourso Center for Excellence in Teaching Professor
SHIH-ANG HSU • Louisiana Environmental Studies Distinguished Professor
K. E. HUGHES, II • U. J. LeGrange Endowed Professor
MARTIN E. HUGH-JONES • Mary Louise Martin Professor of Veterinary Medicine
MASAMICHI INOUE • Texaco Distinguished Professor of Oceanography
JEANNE J. JENDRZEJEWSKI • Elena and Albert LeBlanc Professor of the Laboratory School
CAROLE L. JURKIEWICZ • Milton J. Womack Professor of Developing Scholars
KATHERINE P. KEMLER • Carl Prince Matthies Memorial Professor
NEIL R. KESTNER • Charles H. Barré Endowed Professor
ANDREW A. KING • Jack and Mary Frances HopKins Professor of Speech Communication
GERALD M. KNAPP • Fred B. and Ruth B. Zigler Endowed Professor
F. CARL KNOPF • Robert D. and Adele Anding Professor of Chemical Engineering
FAIK A. KORAY • Marjory B. Ourso Center for Excellence in Teaching Professor
KONSTANTIN G. KOUSOULAS • Paula and Milton W. Shepard Professor of Veterinary Medicine
DAVID KURPIUS • Mary P. Poindexter Professor
NINA O. LAM • Richard J. Russell Louisiana Studies Professor of Geography
WILLIAM R. LANE • John L. Davidson Teaching Professor
JULIUS P. LANGLINAIS • H. Mark Krause, Jr., Professor of Petroleum Engineering
AMELIA M. LEE • Mary E. Baxter Lipscomb Memorial Endowed Professor of Kinesiology
ALEXANDRE LEUPIN • Florence Kidd and Isaac M. Gregorie, Sr., Professor
MARC LEVITAN • Charles P. Siess, Jr., Professor of Engineering
XIGEN LI • Scripps Howard Professor in Media and Politics
LAURA F. LINDSAY • John H. Bateman Endowed Professor
KAM-BIU LIU • James J. Parsons Professor of Geography
TIM LOUWERS • Marjory B. Ourso Center for Excellence in Teaching Professor
WILLIAM LUDWIG • Julian R. and Sidney Nicolle Carruth Professor
JOHN W. LYNN • George C. Kent Endowed Professor of Biological Sciences
DAVID MADDEN • Donald and Velvia Crumbley Endowed Professor
RICHARD A. MAGILL • Helen "Bessie" Silverberg Pliner Professor
RONALD F. MALONE • Chevron Endowed Professor of Engineering
LAWRENCE MANN, JR. • Edward McLaughlin Professor of Engineering
ALAN H. MARSHAK • F. Hugh Coughlin/CLECO Professor of Electrical Engineering
DARYL McKEE • Marjory B. Ourso Center for Excellence in Teaching Professor
W. DOUGLAS McMILLIN • South Central Bell Business Partnership Professor
E. I. MELETIS • Gerald Cire and Lena Grand Williams Endowed Professor
WILLIAM J. MOORE • Gulf Coast Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Inc., Distinguished Professor of Business Administration
JAMES V. MORONEY •Mary Lou Applewhite Professor of Biological Sciences
NANCY NELSON • Elena and Albert LeBlanc Professor of Education
ROBERT J. NEWMAN • South Central Bell Business Partnership Professor
RONALD W. NIEDRICH • Kearny-Jolly College of Business Administration Endowed Professor
DIMITRIS E. NIKITOPOULOS • Alexis and Marguerite Voorhies Endowed Professor
THOMAS C. OWEN • Lewis, Kathryn, and Benjamin Price Professor of History
THEODORE PALIVOS • Mack Hornbeak Endowed Professor
SU-SENG PANG • Jack Holmes Professor of Engineering
JOHN H. PARDUE • Elizabeth Howell Stewart Endowed Professor
SUZANNE D. PAWLOWSKI • E. Robert Theriot Professor
KATHLEEN PERKINS • Margaret Champagne Womack Professor of Addictive Disorders
DAVID PERLMUTTER •Bart. R. Swanson Endowed Professor; Professor of Media and Public Affairs
RALPH W. PIKE, JR. • Paul M. Horton Professor of Chemical Engineering
WILLIAM F. PINAR • St. Bernard LSU Alumni Association Endowed Professor of Education
ELIZABETH PODLAHA • Clarence M. Eidt, Jr., Endowed Professor of Chemical Engineering
DOROTHY P. PROWELL • Austin C. Thompson Distinguished Professor
ALLAN G. PULSIPHER • Marathon Oil Company Professor in Energy Policy
DANNY D. REIBLE • Chevron Endowed Professor of Engineering
JAMES V. REMSEN, JR. • John Stauffer McIlhenny Distinguished Professor of Natural Science
JOHN REYNOLDS • Julian R. and Sidney Nicolle Carruth Developing Scholar Professor
JOSEPH V. RICAPITO • Joseph S. Yenni Memorial Professor of Italian Studies
MALCOLM RICHARDSON • J. F. Taylor Professor of English
MILES E. RICHARDSON • Doris Z. Stone Latin American Studies Professor of Anthropology
HARRY H. ROBERTS • James P. Morgan Distinguished Professor in Coastal Studies
STEVEN R. ROSE • Betty J. Stewart Endowed Professor of Social Work Practice with Children
RONALD D. ROSS • Penniman Family Professor
KELLY A. RUSCH • Formosa Plastics Corporation Endowed Professor
HARLEY E. RYAN, JR. • Louisiana Department of Insurance Professor
G. ELLIS SANDOZ, JR. •Herman Moyse, Jr. Endowed Professor
GARY C. SANGER • Marjory B. Ourso Professor for Academic Excellence
JOHN J. SANSALONE • Louisiana Land and Exploration Co. College of Engineering Endowed Professor
KERRY S. SAULEY • Marjory B. Ourso Center for Excellence in Teaching Professor
ALVIN R. SCHUPP • Martin D. Woodin Endowed Professor in Agricultural Business
ROGER K. SEALS • Irma-Louise Rush Stewart Endowed Professor
BARUN SEN GUPTA • Dr. Henry V. Howe Distinguished Professor
FATHER JAAK SEYNAEVE • Seynaeve Professor of Religious Studies
BRUCE G. SHARKY • Dr. Robert S. Reich Teaching Professor
GLENN B. SINCLAIR • Richard J. and Katherine J. Juneau Distinguished Professor
JOACHIM SINGELMANN • David J. Kriskovich Distinguished Professor
VIJAY P. SINGH • Arthur K. Barton Endowed Professor
MARY J. SIRRIDGE • Erich and Lea Sternberg Honors Professorof Philosophy
VESTOR C. SLAWSON • Latter & Blum Distinguished Professor
MYRON B. SLOVIN • Bank One/Chuck McCoy Distinguished Professor of Financial Institutions
JOHN R. SMITH • Campanile Charities Professor
KEVIN SMITH • LSU Foundation James C. Bolton Professor
HERNDON SPILLMAN • Carolyn Botkin Mattax Professor of Organ Studies
GEORGE G. STANLEY • Philip W. and Foymae Kelso West Distinguished Professor of Chemistry
ARTHUR M. STERLING • William G. Reymond Endowed Professor
GREGORY W. STONE • ExxonMobil Professor of Marine Geology
GLENN E. SUMNERS • U. J. LeGrange Endowed Professor
JUDITH L SYLVESTER • Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Louisiana Professor of Health Communications; Huie-Dellmon Professor
CHARLES B. TEDDLIE • Jo Ellen Levy Yates Professor
LOUIS J. THIBODEAUX • Jesse Coates Professor of Engineering in Department of Chemical Engineering
KARSTEN E. THOMPSON • Malcolm C., Jr., and Gene Perdue Lowe Professor of Chemical Engineering
EMILY TOTH • Robert Penn Warren Distinguished Professor of English
MEHMET T. TUMAY • Georgia Gulf Corporation Distinguished Professor of Engineering
KALLIAT T. VALSARAJ • Ike East Professor of Chemical Engineering
LONNIE R. VANDEVEER • Warner L. Bruner Professor of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
SATISH E. VERMA • Harry Clayton Sanders, Sr., Endowed Professor
GEORGE Z. VOYIADJIS• Bingham Cushman Stewart Distinguished Professor
WARREN N. WAGGENSPACK • E. S. "Ned" Adler Memorial Endowed Professor
JAMES H. WANDERSEE • W. H. "Bill" LeBlanc Alumni Association Professor
EDWARD F. WATSON, III • Marjory B. Ourso Center for Excellence in Teaching Professor
MICHAEL WELSCH • Robert H. and Patricia A. Hines Endowed Professor
DAVID M. WETZEL • F. J. Haydel, Jr./ Kaiser Aluminum Professor
RICHARD D. WHITE, JR. • Marjory B. Ourso Center for Excellence in Teaching Professor
JOHN H. WHITTAKER • Urmila Gopal Singhal Professor of Religions of India
WILLIAM W. WILLIAMS • Marjory B. Ourso Professor and Associate Dean
EUGENE R. WITTKOPF • R. Downs Poindexter Distinguished Professor of Political Science
HAO MING WU • G. Lee Griffin Distinguished Professor
CORNELIA YARBROUGH • Derryl and Helen Haymon Endowed Professor of Music
KEMIN ZHOU • Oskar R. Menton Endowed Professor of Electrical Engineering