Administrative Staff (State Office)

PAUL COREIL, Vice Chancellor for Extension; Director, Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service. Ph.D., LSU.
ROSALIE J. BIVIN, Assistant Vice Chancellor. Ph.D., LSU.
DAVID G. MORRISON, Assistant Vice Chancellor; Professor. Ph.D., LSU.
DEBRA T. DAVIS, Division Leader (Environmental Sciences). Ph.D., LSU.
CLAYTON A. HOLLIER, Division Leader (Plant Science). Ph.D., LSU.
STEPHEN R. MULLEN, Division Leader (4-H Youth Development). Ph.D., Ohio State University.
GAIL . CRAMER, Department Head, Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness. Ph.D., Oregon State University.
SATISH VERMA, Professor; Head (Personnel and Organizational Development). Ed.D., LSU.
KENNETH N. WEGENHOFT, Division Leader (Animal Science). Ph.D., Oklahoma State University.
LEODREY WILLIAMS, Administrator (1890 Extension Program--Southern University). Ed.D., LSU.
State Office Staff
MICHELE ABINGTON-COOPER, Extension Agent (Leadership Development). M.S., Northeast Louisiana University.
JOHN ARCENEAUX, Extension Associate (4-H). B.S., LSU.
JAMES C. ARCHIE, Associate Specialist (Animal Science); Manager, Livestock Shows, Southern University. M.S., Southern University.
RALPH BAGWELL, Associate Specialist (Entomology), Scott Research Station/Extension and Education Center. Ph.D., University of Arkansas.
JACK L. BALDWIN, Specialist (Cotton, Grain, Sorghum, Corn). Ph.D., Oklahoma State University.
JOSEPH D. BANKSTON, JR., Specialist (Engineering and Energy). Ph.D., University of Notre Dame.
KRISTY BARLOW, Extension Associate (Family and Consumer Sciences). B.S., University of Louisiana, Lafayette.
JOHN BARNETT, Associate Specialist (Agronomy). Ph.D., LSU.
JAMES F. BEATTY, Resident Director, Southeast Research Station; Specialist (Dairy). Ph.D., LSU.
PATRICIA BECKLEY, Extension Associate (Entomology). M.S. Texas A&M University.
ANN BERRY, Area Agent (Engineering and Energy); EEO Coordinator. M.S., LSU; M.B.A., Northeast Louisiana University.
HAROLD S. BIRKETT, Associate Professor (Sugar Technology). Ph.D., LSU.
CARRIE BOREL, Extension Associate. B.S., University of Southwestern Louisiana.
JAMES E. BOUDREAUX, Specialist (Horticulture). Ph.D., LSU.
JOHN W. BRANCH, JR., Specialist (Irrigation). M.B.A., California State University; M.S., University of Tennessee.
ROSE BROGGI, Extension Associate (Formosan Termite Project). B.S., University of Louisiana, Lafayette.
MIKE BURNS, Assistant Specialist (4-H). M.S., Louisiana Tech University.
REX CAFFEY, Assistant Specialist (Wetlands and Coastal Resources). Ph.D., LSU.
JAMES M. CANNON, Specialist (Horticulture). Ph.D., LSU.
BILL CARNEY,Specialist; Coordinator (W. A. Callegari Environmental Center). Ph.D., LSU.
HOLLIS D. CHAPMAN, Specialist (Animal Science). Ph.D., Texas A&M University.
STEPHEN CRNKO, Extension Associate (Horticulture). M.S., University of Arkansas.
DEBRA T. DAVIS, Division Leader (Environmental Programs). Ph.D., LSU.
RONALD DEL VECCHIO, Associate Specialist (Beef Cattle). Ph.D., Texas A&M University.
SANFORD B. DOOLEY, Specialist (Community and Economic Development). Ph.D., Purdue University.
HALLIE DOZIER, Assistant Specialist (Forestry). Ph.D., University of Florida.
TERRY L. DUMAS, Specialist (Sheep, Goats, and 4-H Beef). Ed.D., LSU.
MICHAEL DUNN,Program Leader and Assistant Specialist (Forest Economics). Ph.D., Auburn University.
A. JAMES FARR, Associate Specialist (Poultry); Associate Professor (Poultry Development). Ph.D., Mississippi State University.
MARGARET T. FREY, Watershed EducatorM.S., LSU.
GERALD G. GIESLER, Specialist (Farm Management). Ph.D., LSU.
DANIEL GILL, Associate Specialist (Horticulture). M.S., LSU.
MARY L. GRODNER, Specialist (Pesticide Safety). Ph.D., LSU.
ANN ROSE M. GUARINO, Extension Associate (Family Nutrition Program). M.S., LSU.
KURT GUIDRY, Associate Specialist (Agricultural Economics). Ph.D., Oklahoma State University.
MIKE HALL, Associate Professor (Entomology). Ph.D., Oklahoma State University.
DONALD R. HAMMATT, Specialist (4-H). Ed.D., LSU.
ABNER HAMMOND, Professor and Extension Specialist (Entomology). Ph.D., LSU.
LYNN M. HANNAMAN, Specialist (Agricultural Engineering/Energy). Ed.D., University of Northern Colorado.
GARY HAY, Specialist (Dairy Science). Ph.D., LSU.
RODNEY D. HENDRICK, Specialist; Project Leader (Environmental Education). Ph.D., University of California.
CLAYTON A. HOLLIER, Division Leader (Plant Science); Specialist (Plant Pathology). Ph.D., Mississippi State University.
JERALD HORST, Associate Specialist (Fisheries). M.S., LSU.
DEBORAH HURLBERT, Extension Associate (4-H). B.S., LSU.
CHARLES HUTCHISON, Associate Specialist (Dairy Science and Animal Nutrition). Ph.D., Mississippi State University.
THOMAS HYMEL, Watershed Educator. M.S., LSU.
EARL JOHNSON, Specialist (Program and Staff Development). Ph.D., LSU.
JUANITA JOHNSON, Specialist (4-H Youth Development). M.S., Northwestern State University.
LAWRENCE E. JOHNSON, Specialist (Agriculture Economics). Ph.D., Mississippi State University.
STEVE KELLY, Assistant Specialist (Weed Science). Ph.D., Mississippi State University.
THOMAS J. KOSKE, Specialist and Project Leader (Horticulture). Ph.D., University of Georgia.
THERESIA K. LAVERGNE, Assistant Specialist (Poultry). Ph.D., LSU.
BRIAN LeBLANC, Associate Specialist (Watershed Management). Ph.D., Auburn University.
BENJAMIN L. LEGENDRE, Specialist (Agronomy). Ph.D., LSU.
REED J. LENCSE, Assistant Specialist (Weed Science). Ph.D., LSU.
C. GREG LUTZ, Associate Specialist (Aquaculture and Fisheries). Ph.D., LSU.
DANIEL E. MARTIN, Extension Associate (Engineering and Energy). M.S., LSU.
LIXIN MAO, Extension Associate (Formosan Termite Project). Ph.D., LSU.
CHARLES McCOWN, Extension Associate (Entomology). B.S., LSU.
JOAN M. McCRORY,Specialist (4-H). M.S., LSU.
T. BARRENT McKNIGHT, Extension Associate (Entomology). B.S., LSU.
DONNA E. MONTGOMERY, Specialist (Consumer Foods and Nutrition). M.S., LSU.
ALAN MORGAN, County Agent. B.S., LSU.
MICHAEL W. MOODY, Specialist (Seafood Technology); Head, Department of Food Science. Ph.D., LSU.
WALTER C. MORRISON, III, Specialist (Agronomy); Project Leader. Ph.D., Oklahoma State University.
STEPHEN R. MULLEN, Division Leader (4-H Youth Development). Ph.D., Ohio State University.
RAYE TOUPS NEELY, Extension Associate. M.S., Southeastern University.
STEVEN S. NICHOLSON, Specialist (Veterinary Science). D.V.M., Texas A&M University.
CHARLES OVERSTREET, Specialist (Nematology). Ph.D., LSU.
KAREN B. OVERSTREET, Specialist (Family Resource Management). Ph.D., Ohio State University.
ALLEN D. OWINGS,Specialist (Horticulture). Ph.D., Mississippi State University.
G. BOYD PADGETT, Associate Specialist (Plant Pathology). Ph.D., LSU.
TIMOTHY G. PAGE, Specialist; Manage, Livestock Shows. Ph.D., LSU.
RUTH M. PATRICK, Specialist (Nutrition/Food Safety); Chief, Nutrition Education (Pennington Biomedical Research Center). Ph.D., LSU.
REGINA A. PERRY, Extension Associate (Family Nutrition Program). M.S., LSU.
CONNIE PHELPS, Extension Associate (4-H). M.S., Louisiana Tech University
DALE K. POLLET, Specialist and Project Leader (Entomology). Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute.
JOHN PYZNER, Associate Specialist (Horticulture). Ph.D., Oklahoma State University.
ELIZABETH S. REAMES, Specialist (Nutrition). Ph.D., LSU.
DONALD REED, Assistant Specialist (Forestry and Wildlife). Ph.D., LSU.
CLAUDETTE H. REICHEL,Specialist (Housing). Ed.D., LSU.
DARRYL C. RESTER, Specialist (Engineering and Energy). M.S., LSU.
ROBERT RICHARD, Associate Specialist (Program and Staff Development). Ph.D., LSU.
CURT J. RICHE, Extension Associate (Agronomy). B.S., LSU.
DENNIS R. RING, Associate Specialist (Entomology). Ph.D., Texas A&M University.
KENNETH J. ROBERTS, Specialist (Marine Resource Economics); Professor. Ph.D., Oregon State University.
HELI ROY, Associate Specialist (Family and Consumer Sciences). Ph.D., LSU.
VERONICA RYAN, Extension Associate (Environmental Education). B.S., LSU.
JOHN K. SAICHUK, Specialist (Agronomy). Ph.D., LSU.
RANDY SANDERLIN, Associate Professor (Plant Pathology). Ph.D., University of Kentucky.
DEARL E. SANDERS, Specialist (Weed Science). Ph.D., LSU.
FRED S. SANDERS, JR., Associate Specialist (Water Quality). Ph.D., LSU.
DIANE D. SASSER,Specialist (Family Development). Ph.D., LSU.
KEVIN SAVOIE, Watershed Educator. M.S., McNeese State University.
DAVID SCHELLINGER, Extension Associate (W. A. Callegari Environmental Center). M.S., LSU.
TERRY SHIRLEY,Specialist (4-H). M.S., LSU.
LYNDA SHOALMIRE, Extension Associate. M.S., LSU.
TODD F. SHUPE, Assistant Specialist (Forest Products). Ph.D., LSU.
PATRICIA SKINNER, Extension Associate (Engineering and Energy). M.S., LSU.
CATRINEL STANCIU, Extension Associate (Family and Consumer Sciences). M.S., LSU.
J. CHESTON STEVENS, Associate Specialist (Agronomy). M.S., LSU.
GARY STOCKTON, Watershed Educator. M.S., Louisiana Tech University.
MARGARET STOKER, Watershed Educator. M.S., Northwestern State University.
RON STRAHAN, Extension Associate (Agronomy). M.S., LSU.
SHANE THEUNISSEN, Extension Associate (Agronomy). B.S., University of Louisiana, Lafayette.
DEBORAH TOOTLE, Assistant Specialist (Community and Economic Development). Ph.D., University of Georgia.
ROBERT C. TRAWICK, Extension Associate (Horticulture). M.S., Auburn University.
JEANETTE A. TUCKER, Associate Specialist (Family Nutrition Program). Ph.D., LSU.
ED K. TWIDWELL, Specialist (Agronomy). Ph.D., Purdue University.
SATISH VERMA, Unit Head (Personnel and Organizational Development). Ph.D., LSU.
KENNETH WEGENHOFT, Division Leader (Animal Science). Ph.D., Oklahoma State University.
HARRY K. WHITAM, Specialist (Plant Pathology). Ph.D., LSU.
REBECCA E. WHITE, Extension Associate (Children, Youth, and Families). M.S., Louisiana Tech University.
MARK A. WILLIAMS, Extension Associate (Animal Science). B.S., LSU.
SARAH WILLIAMS, Extension Associate (4-H, CharacterCounts).M.Ed., Southeastern Louisiana State University.
EVVA Z. WILSON, Specialist (Apparel and Textile Management). Ph.D., LSU.