4077 Development of Agriculture in America (3) VOrganization and development of agriculture in America from colonial times to the present.

4819 Special Topics in Agricultural Education (1-3) VMay be taken for a max. of 6 sem. hrs. of credit when topics vary. Individual and group study of selected topics under the direction of a faculty member.

7016 Foundations of Agricultural Education (3) VEvents and organizations that contributed to the development of agricultural education.

7112 Program Development in Agricultural Education (3) VDevelopment of curriculum; organization and use of committees; organization of facilities; utilization of the
FFA in instruction.

7213 Pedagogical Advances in Agricultural Education (3) VDevelopments in education; their impact on agricultural education.

7218 Teacher Education (3) VDevelopment and functions of the comprehensive agricultural teacher education program.

7414 Androgogy in Agricultural Education (3) VPrinciples and practices in conducting the adult agricultural education program.

7716 Organization, Administration, and Supervision of Agricultural Education (3) VTheory, principles, and practices of organization and supervision of vocational

7812 Technological Advances in Agricultural Education (3) VScientific developments in agriculture; their impact on programs in agricultural education.

7816 Advanced Agricultural Education Seminar (1) VMay be taken for a max. of 3 hrs. of credit. A minimum of 1 sem. hr. required at master's level; minimum of 2
sem. hrs. required at the doctoral level. Current professional educational problems in vocational agriculture.

8000 Thesis Research (1-12 per sem.)"S"/"U" grading.

9000 Dissertation Research (1-12 per sem.)"S"/"U" grading.