In this department, the second digit of the course number denotes the subject area of the course, as follows: 0--general courses; 1--theory; 2--methods and statistics; 3--social organization; 4--social institutions; 5--social issues; 6--social interaction; 7--population and ecology; 8--not used; and 9--reading and research (except for thesis research and dissertation research that are numbered 8000 and 9000, respectively).
General education courses are marked with stars ().

1001 Human Societies (3)Comparative and historical analysis of human societies; major patterns of social change.

1005 Social Life in the United States (3)Open only to international students. An orientation course on people, culture, social institutions, and processes.

1481 Introduction to Science, Technology, and Society (3)Sociological analysis of knowledge generation, institutions of science and technology, and public
understanding of science.

1701 Population Issues (3)Social demography; interrelationships between population and society.

2001 Introductory Sociology (3)Major subject areas and principles of sociology.

2002 HONORS: Introductory Sociology (3)Same as SOCL 2001 with a special honors emphasis for qualified students.

2091 Selected Topics in Sociology (3)May be taken for a max. of 6 hrs. of credit when topics vary.

2201 Introduction to Statistical Analysis (4) 3 hrs. lecture; 2 hrs. lab. Prereq.: MATH 1021 or equivalent. Descriptive statistics; inferential statistical methods including confidence interval estimation and hypothesis testing for one and two population means and proportions; one-way analysis of variance; simple linear regression and correlation; analysis of categorical data.

2211 Methods of Sociological Research (3)Prereq.: SOCL 2001 and 2201; or equivalent. Scientific methods and their application in sociological research, including
problem selection, research design, measurement, data sources, and evaluation of data.

2351 Rural Sociology (3)Not open to students who have credit for or are enrolled in SOCL 4351. Sociological concepts related to rural life; social bases of human
behavior, social inequality, social institutions, and social change.

2411 Industrial Sociology (3)Social organization in industry; relation of industry to community and society.

2501 Current Social Problems (3)Sociological analysis of major social problems in contemporary society; focus on both the institutional and personal causes and

2505 Marriage and Family (3)Current issues and trends regarding marriage and family.

2511 Race Relations (3)Also offered as AAAS 2511. Examines relations among persons of different racial groups in an interdisciplinary setting that includes sociological, psychological, political, anthropological, and historical viewpoints.

2721 The City (3)Comparative study of urban communities and their problems.

2741 Sociological Perspectives on the South (3)Prereq.: SOCL 2001 or equivalent. Society and culture in the South; the region's uniqueness, diversity, and ordeal of change.

3101 Sociological Theory (3)Prereq.: SOCL 2001 or equivalent. Dominant theorists and schools of thought in sociology.

3371 Sociology of the Criminal Justice System (3)Prereq.: SOCL 1001 or 2001 or equivalent. The criminal justice system and its organizational components.

3501 Sociology of Deviance (3)Prereq.: SOCL 2001 or equivalent. Sociological theories of deviant behavior; supporting research on mental illness, crime, sexual
deviance, drug abuse, and suicide.

3505 Poverty in the United States (3)Prereq.: SOCL 2001 or 2501 or equivalent. Definition of poverty, its meaning, measurement, causes, correlates, and consequences; strategies for its amelioration and elimination.

3601 Social Interaction (3)Prereq.: SOCL 2001 or PSYC 2000 or equivalent. Human behavior as social interaction.

3605 Collective Behavior (3)Prereq.: SOCL 2001 or equivalent. Sociological analysis of noninstitutionalized group behaviors; crowds, publics, panics, fads, hostile
outbursts, and social movements.

3900 Sociology Internship (1-3)Prereq.: 75 hours of course work completed, 2.50 overall gpa, written consent of department head and supervising faculty member; may be taken for a max. of 3 hrs. of credit. Faculty supervised field study/research with an agency or organization whose mission is considered relevant to the student's curriculum.

3901 Directed Reading and Research in Sociology (1-3)Prereq.: SOCL 2001 or equivalent. May be taken for a max. of 3 sem. hrs. credit. Student registers with a
faculty member before registration to select the area of reading or research. Topic must not substitute for regularly offered courses unless reading goes beyond a standard course's offerings.

3905 HONORS: Senior Thesis Research (3)Prereq.: SOCL 3901; open to seniors who are candidates for a bachelor's degree with honors in sociology. Supervised
research and preparation of a senior thesis.

3911 Research Practicum in Rural Sociology (1-3)Prereq.: SOCL 2211, 2351, and 3101. May be taken for a max. of 3 sem. hrs. credit. Student registers with a faculty member and, in consultation, selects a research problem. Supervised research experience in rural sociology, including design, execution, and reporting.

4011 Applied Social Research (3)Prereq.: SOCL 2001 or equivalent; 2201 or equivalent; and 2211 or equivalent. The use of sociological and social science knowledge and research techniques to understand the problems individuals and groups face in modern advanced industrial societies and to help ameliorate these problems through structural changes in social policies and practices.

4091 Selected Topics in Sociology (1-3)Prereq.: SOCL 2001 or equivalent. May be taken for a max. of 3 sem. hrs. of credit when topics vary.

4111 Development of Social Thought (3)Prereq.: SOCL 2001 or equivalent. Early social thought contributing to classical and contemporary sociology.

4211 Intermediate Research Methods (3)Prereq.: SOCL 2211 or equivalent. Also offered as PSYC 4017. Techniques and procedures in sociological research; alternative research designs, measurement, sampling procedures, observation, data collection procedures, coding, data processing, and analysis procedures.

4301 Social Organization (3)Prereq.: SOCL 2001 or equivalent. Structure and function of social systems and institutions.

4311 Complex Organizations (3)Prereq.: SOCL 2001 or equivalent. Bureaucracies and complex formal organizations; theories, goals, structure, processes,
organizational behavior, and interaction of organizations with the environment.

4321 The Community (3)Prereq.: SOCL 2001 or equivalent. Classical and contemporary perspectives on the community; theoretical and methodological issues
associated with community studies.

4331 Social Stratification (3)Prereq.: SOCL 2001 or equivalent. Class and rank structure in society; determinants of social class, mobility, and changes in class position of both individuals and groups; attitudinal and behavioral consequences of class position.

4341 Social Change (3)Prereq.: SOCL 2001 or equivalent. Major theoretical and empirical problems in the study of social change.

4351 Rural Social Organization (3)Prereq.: SOCL 2001 or 2351 or equivalent. Social organization in rural societies: groups, organizations, institutions, and communities.

4401 The Family (3)Prereq.: SOCL 2001 or equivalent. The family as a social institution.

4402 Modeling Communication Within Marital and Family Relationships (3)See SPCM 4118.

4411 Sociology of Work (3)Prereq.: SOCL 2001 or equivalent. Work and the division of labor in industrial society; sociology of occupations and professions.

4413 Gender and Work (3)Prereq.: SOCL 4411 or 4521 or equivalent. Gender differences in workforce participation and occupational and earnings attainments; impact of historical, legal, and social factors on women's and men's employment and career options, pay equity, and occupational experiences.

4421 Political Sociology (3)Prereq.: SOCL 2001 or equivalent. Comparison of social movements and political parties.

4431 Sociology of Education (3)Prereq.: SOCL 2001 or equivalent. Education as an institution of society; the school as a social system and socialization within schools.

4441 Sociology of Religion (3)Prereq.: SOCL 2001 or equivalent. Nature of religion; societal and cultural factors in religion; role of religion in social change and in
contemporary society.

4451 Sociology of Medicine (3)Prereq.: SOCL 2001 or equivalent. Sociological analysis of the structure and function of health agencies and occupations; social and
cultural factors in the cause and treatment of illness.

4461 Criminology (3)Prereq.: SOCL 2001 or equivalent. Crime, the criminal justice system, and penology.

4471 Sociology of Law (3)Prereq.: SOCL 2001 or equivalent. Law and social change; evolution of legal institutions; group conflict and law; influence of legal controls and sanctions on human behavior.

4481 Science, Technology, and Society (3)Prereq.: SOCL 2001 or equivalent. Scientific institutions and development; nature of technological decision making;
reciprocal effects of scientific and societal change.

4511 Minority Peoples in the United States (3)Prereq.: SOCL 2001 or equivalent. Analysis of past and present contributions of ethnic and racial minority groups in the U.S.

4521 Sex Roles in Contemporary Society (3)Prereq.: SOCL 2001 or equivalent. Changes in sex roles and sex-related behavior of males and females, including
institutional and structural changes.

4531 The Aged in Contemporary Society (3)Prereq.: SOCL 2001 or equivalent. Social, demographic, psychological, cultural, and health factors related to the aging
process in contemporary society.

4551 Sociology of Development (3)Prereq.: SOCL 2001 or equivalent. Central concepts, perspectives, and research themes in sociocultural developmental change.

4601 Personality and Social Structure (3)Prereq.: SOCL 3601 or PSYC 3140 or equivalent. Interaction of social structures, such as the family, peer group, and school, with the personalities of individuals; processes by which each affects the other.

4611 Attitudes and Attitude Change (3)Prereq.: SOCL 3601 or PSYC 3140 or equivalent. Analysis of attitudes; social factors in their formation and change.

4621 Small Groups (3)Prereq.: SOCL 3601 or PSYC 3140 or equivalent. Analysis of groups, their structure and functions.

4631 Social Networks and Society (3)Prereq.: SOCL 2001 or equivalent. Processes of network formation and their consequences for people, groups, and organizations.

4701 Population (3)Prereq.: SOCL 2001 or equivalent. Processes that influence size and composition of human populations; determinants and consequences of
demographic trends.

4711 Human Ecology (3)Prereq.: SOCL 2001 or equivalent. Exposition and evaluation of theory of social organization; emphasis on interdependence of population,
technology, and organization in adaptation of a population to its environment.

7121 Seminar: Classical Sociological Theory (3)Prereq.: consent of instructor. Historical survey of sociology with primary emphasis on European (Marx, Weber, and Durkheim) and early American (Mead and Park) sociologists.

7131 Seminar: Contemporary Sociological Theory (3)Prereq.: SOCL 7121 or equivalent. Current theoretical perspectives in sociology ranging from structural
functionalism to ethnomethodology.

7201 Research Methods in Sociology (3)Prereq.: SOCL 2201 or equivalent. Introduction to inferential methods in sociological research; emphasis on interpretation and current research.

7203 Advanced Research Methods in Social Science (3)Prereq.: SOCL 7201 or equivalent. Also offered as POLI 7963. Survey of advanced methodology in the social sciences; emphasis on general linear model and causal models.

7211 Seminar: Methods of Social Investigation (3)Prereq.: EXST 7003 or equivalent. Research methods in the social sciences; interplay of theory and methods of
research; formulation of research problems and design; measurement and scaling; sampling; ethics in research; and critiques of social science research.

7213 Specialized Topics in Social Science Methods (2-3)Prereq.: SOCL 7203 or POLI 7963 or equivalent. May be taken for a max. of 12 sem. hrs. of credit when topics vary. Also offered as POLI 7964.

7351 Seminar: Topics in Rural Sociology (3)Prereq.: consent of instructor. May be taken for a max. of 9 sem. hrs. credit if topics vary. Specialized areas in rural

7391 Seminar: Topics in Social Organization (3)Prereq.: consent of instructor. May be taken for a max. of 12 sem. hrs. credit if topics vary. Specialized areas in social organization.

7491 Seminar: Topics in Social Institutions (3)Prereq.: consent of instructor. May be taken for a max. of 12 sem. hrs. credit if topics vary. Specialized areas in social

7591 Seminar: Topics in Social Issues (3)Prereq.: consent of instructor. May be taken for a max. of 9 sem. hrs. credit if topics vary. Specialized areas in social issues.

7691 Seminar: Topics in Social Interaction (3)Prereq.: consent of instructor. May be taken for a max. of 9 sem. hrs. credit if topics vary. Specialized areas in social

7791 Seminar: Topics in Population and Ecology (3)Prereq.: consent of instructor. May be taken for a max. of 6 sem. hrs. credit if topics vary. Specialized areas in
population and ecology.

7901, 7902 Independent Reading and Research (3,3)Prereq.: successful completion of at least one year of graduate work.

7903 Proseminar in Sociology (1)Required twice of both master's and Ph.D. candidates. Pass-fail grading. Contemporary research and critical issues in sociology.

8000 Thesis Research (1-12 per sem.)"S"/"U" grading.

8900 Research in Sociology (1-6)Open only to students engaged in a specific, organized research project under faculty supervision. Student must be engaged in design and implementation of research and analysis and interpretation of data.

9000 Dissertation Research (1-12 per sem.)"S"/"U" grading.