2001 Introduction to International Studies (3)Interplay between globalization and regionalism in several major areas of the world.

3002 Independent Study in International Studies (3)May be taken for a max. of 6 hrs. of credit when topics vary. Independent study relevant to the field of international

3786 Religion of Islam (3)See REL 3786.

.4000 International Studies Workshop (3)For international studies majors in junior or senior year. Prereq.: consent of instructor. Development of research project in
international studies--prospectus, annotated bibliography, and research proposal.

4002 South Asian Society, Polity, and Culture (3)Cross-listed with ANTH 4002, GEOG 4002, and REL 4001 . Historical anthropology of South Asia examining the four major cultural traditions (Hindu/Buddhist, Islamic, British, and nationalist) which currently shape the politics of nationalism, development, ethnicity, caste, and gender in the region.

4010 A History of Geopolitics (3)History of European geopolitics and geopolitical thought from Thucydides through the end of the Cold War.

4100 Migration, Diasporas, and Identity (3)An interdisciplinary survey of global migration in the modern era and the resultant subnational and trnasnational forms of
community, identity, and subjectivity: colonists, exiles, immigrants, refugees, and transients.