2000 Hazards, Disasters, and the Environment (3)Exploration of the interaction processes between natural/technical hazards and society that cause disasters;
introduction to the natural and technological hazards and disasters; hazards and disaster management; environmental considerations and impacts.

2010 Fundamentals of Emergency Management (3)Introduction and overview of emergency management functions and processes in federal, state, and local
governments; roles of nonprofit and private organizations in disaster planning, response, and recovery; critical management issues in effective response and recovery to natural and man made hazards.

3200 Technology and Emergency Management (3)Application of technology that may be applied in emergency planning, response, recovery, and mitigation; current
and emerging technology applications; special issues and problems associated with the use of technology in emergency management.

3900 Disaster Science and Management Internship (3)Prereq.: DSM 2000 and junior standing. Written consent of DSM program coordinator and supervising faculty member. Faculty supervised field study with an agency or organization whose mission is considered relevant to the emergency management system or disaster planning, response, or mitigation.

3910 Hazards Seminar (1) F,SPrereq.: DSM 2000 and junior standing; May be repeated for a max. of 3 sem. hrs. when topics vary. Guest speakers and presentation of reports and discussion with students and faculty concerning a broad range of issues, problems, and topics related to disasters and emergency management.

4900 Research in Disaster Science and Management (3)Prereq.: SOCL 2211 or equivalent and 12 hrs of course work including DSM 2000 and core courses in the
disaster science management concentration or minor; consent of instructor.

4996 Directed Readings in Disaster Science and Management (1-3)May be repeated for a max of 6 sem. hrs. when topics vary. Consent of instructor. For students
with at least junior standing and 12 hrs. of course work including DSM 2000 in the disaster science management concentration or minor.