Division of Continuing Education

DANIEL C. WALSH, JR., Dean, Division of Continuing Education. Ed.D., LSU.
BROOKIE ALLPHIN, Director, Office of Government Programs. Ph.D., LSU.
MELISSA AUSTIN-ROGÉ, Program Manager, Law Enforcement Program. B.A., Northeast Louisiana State University.
PAULA RODDY, Program Manager, Computer Rehabilitation Training Program. M.P.A., Southern University.
JOSEPH GREENBERG, Associate Director, Noncredit Programs. Ed.D., The Pennsylvania State University.
ROBYN HAWKES, Business Manager. B.S., LSU.
DOREEN O. MAXCY, Assistant Dean for Public Service. Ph.D., LSU.
RON McCRORY, Director, Office of Independent Study. Ph.D., LSU.
JANET SHELDON, Assistant Director, Youth Programs. M.A., Wayne State University.
MARY TESSIER, Conference Center Manager.
DOUGLAS WEIMER, Assistant Dean and Director, Noncredit Programs. M.A., LSU.

University College

CAROLYN COLLINS, Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean. Ph.D., LSU.
R. PAUL IVEY, Associate Dean. M.Ed., Northeast Louisiana University.
F. GRANGER BABCOCK, Assistant to the Dean. Ph.D., LSU.
DORIS DAWSON, Assistant to the Dean. M.Ed., Trenton State University.
DEBORAH HOLLIER, Director, Student Support Services. M.S.W., LSU.
JOANNE McMULLEN, Interim Associate Dean, Evening School. Ph.D., University of Nebraska.
SAUNDRA MCGUIRE, Associate Dean, Center for Academic Success. Ph.D., University of Tennessee.
MELISSA BAHLINGER, Teaching Associate. M.Ed., LSU.
SARAH BAIRD, Teaching Associate, M.A., University of Iowa.
PAMELA BALL, Teaching Associate. M.A., LSU.
VERN CRESAP, Counselor. M.Ed., University of Montevallo.
ALZINA DUNCAN, Counselor. M.S., Alcorn State University.
W. TIMOTHY FIELDS, Counselor. M.Ed., LSU.
REBECCA HIXON, Counselor. Ed.S., Georgia State University.
J. GREG LESTER, Counselor. M.A., Appalachian State University.
DOROTHY MORGAN,Counselor. M.Ed., Southern University.
TROY ROBERTSON, Counselor. M.Ed., Southeastern Louisiana University.
LAHNA RUNG, Counselor. M.A., LSU.
BOBBY SHAFFETT, Teaching Associate, M.Ed., LSU.
VIRGINIA SMITH, Counselor, M.Ed., McNeese State University.
GWEN SNEARL, Counselor. M.S., University of Louisiana, Lafayette.
THOMAS C. STEWART, Teaching Associate, Ph.D., LSU.
GLORIA THOMPSON, Assistant Director. M.S.W., Tulane University.
MITZI TRAHAN, Counselor. M.A., LSU.
CRAIG WINCHELL, Instructor/Coordinator. M.Ed., LSU.
SHARON L. WRIGHT, Counselor. M.Ed., LSU.