Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service

Administrative Staff (State Office)

JACK L. BAGENT, Vice Chancellor for Extension; Director, Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service. Ph.D., LSU.

ROSALIE J. BIVIN, Associate Director. Ph.D., LSU.

PAUL D. COREIL, Assistant Director. Ph.D., LSU

CLINTON G. DEPEW, Associate Director. Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute.

CAROLYN G. CARTER, Division Leader (Family and Consumer Sciences). Ed.D., LSU.

DEBRA T. DAVIS, Division Leader (Environmental Sciences). Ph.D., LSU.

CLAYTON A. HOLLIER, Division Leader (Plant Science). Ph.D., LSU.

STEPHEN R. MULLEN, Division Leader (4-H Youth Development). Ph.D., Ohio State University.

ALBERT J. ORTEGO, Division Leader (Economics Department). Ph.D., University of California, Berkley.

SATISH VERMA, Professor; Head (Personnel and Organizational Development). Ed.D., LSU.

KENNETH N. WEGENHOFT, Division Leader (Animal Science). Ph.D., Oklahoma State University.

LEODREY WILLIAMS, Administrator (1890 Extension Program--Southern University). Ed.D., LSU.

State Office Staff

MICHELE ABINGTON-COOPER, Extension Agent (Leadership Development). M.S., Northeast Louisiana University.

JAMES C. ARCHIE, Associate Specialist (Animal Science); Manager, Livestock Shows, Southern University. M.S., Southern University.

RALPH BAGWELL, Associate Specialist (Entomology), Scott Research Station/Extension and Education Center. Ph.D., University of Arkansas.

JACK L. BALDWIN, Specialist (Cotton, Grain, Sorghum, Corn). Ph.D., Oklahoma State University.

JOSEPH D. BANKSTON, JR., Specialist (Engineering and Energy). Ph.D., University of Notre Dame.

JAMES F. BEATTY, Resident Director, Southeast Research Station; Specialist (Dairy). Ph.D., LSU.

PATRICIA BECKLEY, Extension Associate (Entomology). M.S. Texas A&M University.

ANN BERRY, Area Agent (Engineering and Energy); EEO Coordinator. M.S., LSU; M.B.A., Northeast Louisiana University.

CARRIE BOREL, Extension Associate. B.S., University of Southwestern Louisiana.

JAMES E. BOUDREAUX, Specialist (Horticulture). Ph.D., LSU.

JOHN W. BRANCH, JR., Specialist (Irrigation, Engineering, and Energy). M.B.A., California State University; M.S., University of Tennessee.

REX CAFFEY, Assistant Specialist (Wetlands and Coastal Resources). Ph.D., LSU.

JAMES M. CANNON, Specialist (Horticulture). Ph.D., LSU.

BILL CARNEY, Assistant Specialist (Environmental Education). Ph.D., LSU.

CAROLYN G. CARTER, Division Leader (Home Economics). Ed.D., LSU.

HOLLIS D. CHAPMAN, Specialist (Animal Science). Ph.D., Texas A&M University.

STEPHEN CRNKO, Extension Associate (Horticulture). M.S., University of Arkansas.

DEBRA T. DAVIS, Division Leader (Environmental Programs). Ph.D., LSU.

RONALD DEL VECCHIO, Associate Specialist (Beef Cattle). Ph.D., Texas A&M University.

SANFORD B. DOOLEY, Specialist (Community and Economic Development). Ph.D., Purdue University.

TERRY L. DUMAS, Specialist (Sheep, Goats, and 4-H Beef). Ed.D., LSU.

MICHAEL DUNN, Program Leader and Assistant Specialist (Forest Economics). Ph.D., Auburn University.

A. JAMES FARR, Associate Specialist (Poultry); Associate Professor (Poultry Development). Ph.D., Mississippi State University.

MARGARET T. FREY, Home Economist (Environmental Education). M.S., LSU.

GERALD G. GIESLER, Specialist (Farm Management). Ph.D., LSU.

MARY L. GRODNER, Specialist (Pesticide Safety). Ph.D., LSU.

ANN ROSE M. GUARINO, Extension Associate (Family Nutrition Program). M.S., LSU.

KURT GUIDRY, Assistant Specialist (Agricultural Economics). Ph.D., Oklahoma State University.

DONALD R. HAMMATT, Specialist (4-H). Ed.D., LSU.

ABNER HAMMOND, Professor and Extension Specialist (Entomology). Ph.D., LSU.

LYNN M. HANNAMAN, Specialist (Agricultural Engineering/Energy). Ed.D., University of Northern Colorado.

RODNEY D. HENDRICK, Specialist; Project Leader (Environmental Education). Ph.D., University of California.

CLAYTON A. HOLLIER, Division Leader (Plant Science); IPM Coordinator. Ph.D., Mississippi State University.

DEBORAH HURLBERT, Extension Associate (4-H). B.S., LSU.

CHARLES HUTCHISON, Associate Specialist (Dairy Science and Animal Nutrition). Ph.D., Mississippi State University.

EARL JOHNSON, Specialist (Program and Staff Development). Ph.D., LSU.

JUANITA JOHNSON, Associate Specialist (4-H Youth Development). M.S., Northwestern State University.

LAWRENCE E. JOHNSON, Specialist (Agriculture Economics). Ph.D., Mississippi State University.

THOMAS J. KOSKE, Specialist and Project Leader (Horticulture). Ph.D., University of Georgia.

THERESIA K. LAVERGNE, Assistant Specialist (Poultry). Ph.D., LSU.

BENJAMIN L. LEGENDRE, Specialist (Sugar Cane). Ph.D., LSU.

REED J. LENCSE, Assistant Specialist (Weed Science). Ph.D., LSU.

DIANE B. LINDER, Specialist; EFNEP Coordinator. Ed.D., LSU.

C. GREG LUTZ, Associate Specialist (Aquaculture and Fisheries). Ph.D., LSU.

DANIEL E. MARTIN, Extension Associate (Engineering and Energy). M.S., LSU.

JOAN M. McCRORY, Associate Specialist (4-H). M.S., LSU.

DONNA E. MONTGOMERY, Specialist (Consumer Foods and Nutrition). M.S., LSU.

ALAN MORGAN, County Agent. B.S., LSU.

MICHAEL W. MOODY, Specialist (Seafood Technology). Ph.D., LSU.

WALTER C. MORRISON, III, Specialist (Agronomy); Project Leader. Ph.D., Oklahoma State University.

STEPHEN R. MULLEN, Division Leader (4-H Youth Development). Ph.D., Ohio State University.

RAYE TOUPS NEELY, Extension Associate. M.S., Southeastern University.

STEVEN S. NICHOLSON, Specialist (Veterinary Science). D.V.M., Texas A&M University.

ALBERT J. ORTEGO, Division Leader (Economics Department). Ph.D., University of California.

CHARLES OVERSTREET, Specialist (Nematology). Ph.D., LSU.

KAREN B. OVERSTREET, Specialist (Family Resource Management). Ph.D., Ohio State University.

ALLEN D. OWINGS, Associate Specialist (Horticulture). Ph.D., Mississippi State University.

G. BOYD PADGETT, Assistant Specialist (Agronomy). Ph.D., LSU.

TIMOTHY G. PAGE, Specialist and Project Leader (Swine and Animal Nutrition). Ph.D., LSU.

RUTH M. PATRICK, Specialist (Nutrition/Food Safety); Chief, Nutrition Education (Pennington Biomedical Research Center). Ph.D., LSU.

REGINA A. PERRY, Extension Associate (Family Nutrition Program). M.S., LSU.

CONNIE PHELPS, Extension Associate (4-H). M.S., Louisiana Tech University

DALE K. POLLET, Specialist and Project Leader (Entomology). Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute.

ELIZABETH S. REAMES, Specialist (Nutrition). Ph.D., LSU.

DONALD REED, Assistant Specialist (Forestry and Wildlife). Ph.D., LSU.

CLAUDETTE H. REICHEL, Specialist (Housing). Ed.D., LSU.

DARRYL C. RESTER, Specialist (Engineering and Energy). M.S., LSU.

ROBERT RICHARD, Associate Specialist (Program and Staff Development). Ph.D., LSU.

CURT J. RICHE, Extension Associate (Agronomy). B.S., LSU.

DENNIS R. RING, Associate Specialist (Entomology). Ph.D., Texas A&M University.

KENNETH J. ROBERTS, Specialist (Marine Resource Economics); Professor. Ph.D., Oregon State University.

JOHN K. SAICHUK, Specialist (Agronomy). Ph.D., LSU.

DEARL E. SANDERS, Specialist (Weed Science). Ph.D., LSU.

FRED S. SANDERS, JR., Associate Specialist (Water Quality). Ph.D., LSU.

DIANE D. SASSER, Assistant Specialist (Family Development). Ph.D., LSU.

TERRY SHIRLEY, Associate Specialist (4-H). M.S., LSU.

LYNDA SHOALMIRE, Extension Associate. M.S., LSU.

TODD F. SHUPE, Assistant Specialist (Forest Products). Ph.D., LSU.

PATRICIA SKINNER, Extension Associate (Engineering and Energy). M.S., LSU.

RON STRAHAN, Extension Associate (Agronomy). M.S., LSU.

SHANE THEUNISSEN, Extension Associate (Agronomy). B.S., University of Louisiana, Lafayette.

DEBORAH TOOTLE, Assistant Specialist (Community and Economic Development). Ph.D., University of Georgia.

ROBERT C. TRAWICK, Extension Associate (Horticulture). M.S., Auburn University.

JEANETTE A. TUCKER, Home Economist (Family Nutrition Program). Ph.D., LSU.

ED K. TWIDWELL, Specialist (Agronomy). Ph.D., Purdue University.

SATISH VERMA, Unit Head (Personnel and Organizational Development). Ph.D., LSU.

HARRY K. WHITAM, Specialist (Plant Pathology). Ph.D., LSU.

REBECCA E. WHITE, Extension Associate (Children, Youth, and Families). M.S., Louisiana Tech University.

MARK A. WILLIAMS, Extension Associate (Animal Science). B.S., LSU.

SARAH WILLIAMS, Extension Associate (4-H, CharacterCounts). M.Ed., Southeastern Louisiana State University.

EVVA Z. WILSON, Specialist (Apparel and Textile Management). Ph.D., LSU.

Administrative Staff (Field Operations)

WILLIAM L. DAVIS, Assistant District Agent (District 4). Ph.D., LSU.

SEVERN C. DOUGHTY, Associate District Agent (District 5). Ph.D., LSU.

TERRIL D. FAUL, Associate District Agent (District 2). M.S., LSU.

HOWARD D. GRYDER, Assistant District Agent (District 3). M.S., LSU.

PAM HODSON, District Agent (District 1). Ph.D., LSU.

Field Personnel

Acadia Parish--Crowley

RONALD J. LEVY, JR., County Agent; Parish Chair. M.S.


KENNETH R. DUBOSE, Associate County Agent. B.S.

ADRIANNE O. VIDRINE, Home Economist. M.S.

CELLY GRACE, Assistant Home Economist. B.S.

Allen Parish--Oberlin

THOMAS C. STRAWN, JR., Area Agent (Forestry). M.S.

RANDALL K. BELLON, County Agent. M.S.

DRUSILLA K. LE VRIER, Extension Agent (4-H Youth Development). M.S.

SANDRA R. KARAM, Associate Extension Agent (Food and Consumer Sciences). B.S.

Ascension Parish--Gonzales

DWAYNE P. NUNEZ, Associate County Agent. B.S.

FRANK H. GORDON, County Agent. M.S.

SHERI L. RICHARD, Home Economist. M.S.

HOLLY LEDET, Assistant Home Economist, B.S.

Assumption Parish--Napoleonville

RICK M. LOUQUE, County Agent. M.S.

RENEE C. NAQUIN, Assistant County Agent, B.S.

DESIREÈ DOREST, Horticulture Agent. M.S.

LISA R. ARCEMONT, Extension Agent (Family and Consumer Sciences). M.Ed.

PATRICIA C. TROSCLAIR, Assistant Extension Agent (4-H Youth Development). B.S.

Avoyelles Parish--Marksville

CARLOS A. SMITH, County Agent. Ph.D.

KENNETH M. ANDRIES, Associate County Agent. Ph.D.

EARNEST L. FREEMAN, Associate County Agent. B.S.

CALLIE T. LEMOINE, Extension Agent. M.S.

SHERIAN H. REED, Extension Agent. M.S.

Beauregard Parish--DeRidder

JOHN M. HARRIS, County Agent. M.Ed.

FLORA C. HOVER, Extension Agent (Family and Consumer Sciences). M.Ed.

SYLVIA H. SMITH, Extension Agent (Family and Consumer Sciences). M.S.

Bienville Parish--Arcadia

NOAH B. WASHBURN, County Agent. M.S.

SHERLINE Z. CARVER, Extension Agent (Family and Consumer Sciences). M.S.

KAREN M. MARTIN, Extension Agent (4-H Youth Development). M.S.

Bossier Parish--Benton


JOSEPH D. BARRETT, County Agent. M.S.

TERRY L. BRYANT, Associate Home Economist, M.S.

MARY CRNKOVIC, Associate Home Economist, M.S.

Caddo Parish--Shreveport

GIL BARKER, Area Agent (Agriculture). M.S.

JOE W. WHITE, Area Agent (Horticulture Production and Marketing). Ph.D.

JOHN B. LEVASSEUR, County Agent. M.S.

WINZER R. ANDREWS, County Agent. B.S.

TROY MENARD, Assistant County Agent. B.S.

CHARLOTTE E. CALDWELL, Extension Agent (Family and Consumer Sciences). M.S.

LOUISE W. McDONALD, Extension Agent (4-H Youth Development). M.S.

HELEN HUNT, Extension Agent. B.S.

LOLA R. BOONE, Extension Agent (4-H Youth Development). M.S.

CONNIE Q. ACLIN, Extension Associate. B.A.

Calcasieu Parish--Lake Charles

JERRY G. WHATLEY, County Agent. M.S.

THOMAS H. SHIELDS, III, County Agent. M.S.

JAMES M. MEAUX, County Agent. M.S.

ROBERT TURLEY, County Agent. M.S.

U. TRENT GUIDRY, Associate County Agent. M.S.

NANCY C. CRONAN, Home Economist. M.S.

DONNA J. JONES, Home Economist (1890 Program). M.S.

CYNTHIA C. RICHARD, Home Economist. M.S.

HELEN C. VINSON, Home Economist. M.S.

Caldwell Parish--Columbia

JIMMY D. McCANN, County Agent. M.S.

CYNTHIA F. PILCHER, Extension Agent (Family and Consumer Sciences). M.Ed.

WENDI P. TRAVIS, Associate Extension Agent (4-H Youth Development). B.S.

Cameron Parish--Cameron

KEVIN A. SAVOIE, Area Agent (Fisheries). M.S.


JOHN G. WICKE, Associate County Agent. B.S.

PENNY E.M. THIBODEAUX, Associate Home Economist. B.S.

Catahoula Parish--Harrisonburg

R. DAVID NEAL, County Agent. M.S.

MARY G. YORK, Home Economist. M.S.

MELISSA CATER, Associate Home Economist. B.A.

Claiborne Parish--Homer

JAMES E. DIXON, County Agent. Ed.D.

JASON E. HOLMES, Assistant County Agent (4-H). B.S.

DORA ANN HATCH, Extension Agent (Family and Consumer Sciences). M.S.

LISA W. GARCIA, Extension Associate (4-H). M.S.

Concordia Parish--Vidalia

GLEN E. DANIELS, County Agent. M.S.

TERRI L. CRAWFORD, Extension Agent. M.Ed.

DEBORAH M. BAIRNSFATHER, Associate Extension Agent. M.S.

DeSoto Parish--Mansfield

DON R. FRAZIER, County Agent. M.S.

CHUCK GRIFFIN, County Agent. M.S.

WILL E. WOODS, County Agent (Parish Chair, Desoto and Red River). M.S.

DEBORAH C. CROSS, Home Economist. M.S.

BEVERLY A. SMITH, Extension Associate. M.S.

East Baton Rouge Parish--Baton Rouge

JOHN D. ROY, County Agent. M.S.

TERRENCE S. MARSHALL, County Agent (1890 Program). M.S.


DANIEL P. HURDLE, Associate County Agent. M.S.

CONNIE ARLEDGE, Assistant County Agent. B.S.

KASUNDRA CYRUS, Home Economist. Ph.D.

SALLY SOILEAU, Home Economist. M.S., M.Ed

SHARMAN J. CHARLES, Associate Home Economist. M.A.

East Carroll Parish--Lake Providence

SAMUEL D. WESTON, County Agent. M.S.

HARRIET K. BRIDGES, Extension Agent. M.S.

East Feliciana Parish--Clinton

BRIAN R. CHANDLER, Area Agent (Forestry). M.S.

JAMES E. DEVILLIER, County Agent. M.S.

KENNETH SPOTO, County Agent. M.S.

BEVERLY R. BAILEY, Home Economist. M.S.

Evangeline Parish--Ville Platte

KEITH A. FONTENOT, County Agent. M.S.

GERALD P. ROBERTS, County Agent (1890 Program). M.S.

KIM LANDRY, County Agent. M.S.

SHARON M. FONTENOT, Home Economist. M.S.

TINA GUILLORY, Associate Home Economist. M.S.

Franklin Parish--Winnsboro

GENE P. BOQUET, County Agent. M.S.


YVONNE GOODMAN, Assistant County Agent. B.S.

MARY VIRGINIA BOUTWELL, Associate Extension Agent. M.S.

JOANNA E. STRONG, Assistant Extension Agent. B.S.

Grant Parish--Colfax

JAMES R. HOUSTON, County Agent. M.S.

JANE B. JONES, Home Economist. M.S.

JULIA S. McLAIN, Associate Home Economist. M.S.

Iberia Parish--New Iberia

SANDY CORKERN, Area Agent (Fisheries). M.S.

CHRIS ROBICHAUX, County Agent (Horticulture). M.S.

JIMMY W. FLANAGAN, Associate County Agent. B.S.

BLAIR J. HEBERT, Associate County Agent. B.S.

LANETTE G. HEBERT, Home Economist. M.S.

MONIQUE S. PERRITT, Assistant Home Economist. B.S.

Iberville Parish--Plaquemine

MARK G. TASSIN, County Agent. M.S.

ANN V. WEGENHOFT, Home Economist. M.S.

MARSHA B. MORRIS, Assistant Home Economist (4-H). B.S.

ANGIE R. ARNOULD, Assistant Home Economist (4-H). M.S.

Jackson Parish--Jonesboro

EDDIE D. WHITE, County Agent. M.S.

PATRICIA B. STAGGS, Extension Agent (Family and Consumer Sciences). M.S.

CHARLOTTE A. NELSON, Extension Agent (4-H Youth Development). M.S.

Jefferson Parish--Metairie

MARTHA B. DWYER, Administrator-Urban Programs. M.S.

MARK SCHEXNAYDER, Area Agent (Fisheries). M.S.

TAMMY C. TERRELL, Extension Associate (4-H). M.A.

ALEXIS O'DWYER NAVARRO, Associate Extension Agent. B.S.

CHARLA D. BRANCH, Extension Associate (FNP). M.A.

CHANTEL J. WILLIAMS, Extension Associate (4-H). M.S.

Jefferson Davis Parish--Jennings

CHARLES E. ESKEW, County Agent. M.S.


SHANNON P. DIETZ, Assistant County Agent. M.S.

PATRICIA A. VIDRINE, Home Economist. M.S.

TINA W. GOEBEL, Home Economist. M.S.

Lafayette Parish--Lafayette

STANLEY J. DUTILE, County Agent. M.S.

DANIEL SARVER, County Agent. M.S.

CHARLES L. HEBERT, Associate County Agent. M.S.

DENYSE B. CUMMINS, Associate County Agent. M.S.

KATHERINE A. ORDENEAUX, Extension Agent (Family and Consumer Sciences). M.S.

JANIS B. COUSSAN, Extension Agent (4-H Youth Development. M.Ed.

LARMARA HOLLIER, Home Economist (1890 Program). M.S.

Lafourche Parish--Thibodaux

MICHAEL C. HEBERT, County Agent. M.S.

BOBBY FLETCHER, Area Agent (Horticulture). M.S.

DAVID BOURGEOIS, County Agent (Fisheries). B.S.

C. WAYNE OUBRE, Associate County Agent. B.S.

DAVID BOLDT, Assistant County Agent. M.S.

DEBORAH S. MELVIN, Extension Agent (Family and Consumer Sciences). M.S.

DONNA G. AYO, Assistant Extension Agent. B.S.

LaSalle Parish--Jena

JAMES SUMMERS, County Agent; Parish Chairman. M.S.

KIMBERLY A. EVANS, Extension Agent (Family and Consumer Sciences). M.S.

J. CAROLINE HAZMUKA, Extension Agent (4-H Youth Development). M.S.

Lincoln Parish--Ruston

RONALD D. ADAMS, County Agent. M.S.

GARY A. STOCKTON, County Agent. M.S.

CATHY S. JUDD, Extension Agent (Family and Consumer Sciences). M.S.

AIMEE P. RAMBIN, Assistant Extension Agent (4-H Youth Development). M.S.

Livingston Parish--Livingston

KENNETH W. SHARPE, County Agent. M.S.

DAVID M. WILLIAMS, County Agent. B.S.

LAURA L. PERAULT, Home Economist. M.S.

MELISSA BREEDING, Assistant Home Economist. B.S.

Madison Parish--Tallulah

MIKE ROME, County Agent. M.S.

JAMES HENDRIX, Associate County Agent. B.S.

BERTEAL E. ROGERS, Home Economist. M.S.

KAROL B. OSBORNE, Associate Home Economist. B.S.

Morehouse Parish--Bastrop

TERRY L. ERWIN, County Agent. M.S.

RICHARD LETLOW, County Agent. M.S.

POLLY H. DOLES, Home Economist. M.S.

REBECCA K. OWEN, Associate Home Economist. M.S.

Natchitoches Parish--Natchitoches

CHARLES L. JOHNSON, County Agent. M.S.

NONA G. FOWLER, Home Economist. M.S.

LORNA ATWELL, Assistant Home Economist. B.S.

Orleans Parish--New Orleans

GORDON C. JOHNSON, Area Agent (Energy). Ed.S.

DANIEL J. GILL, County Agent. M.S.

MONICA LEAR, Associate County Agent, Ph.D.

ELIZABETH C. GAMBEL, Parish Administrator. M.S.

JANET H. ANISE, Extension Agent. M.P.H.

DORA G. MORTON, Extension Agent. M.S.

CAROLYN C. LEPERI, Associate Extension Agent, M.S.

SHEILA TATE SPEARS, Associate Extension Agent. B.S.

MICHELLE CASSISA, Extension Associate. B.A.

JOHNNIE M. McCOY, Extension Associate. B.S.

JAMIE ROY, Extension Associate. B.S.

MARVIN YOUNG, Extension Associate. M.P.H.

BERTINA McGHEE, Associate Extension Agent. M.S.

TAMMY TERRELL, Extension Associate. M.S.

ERROLL LEWIS, Extension Associate. M.S.W.

Ouachita Parish--West Monroe

GARY K. WILSON, Area Agent (Cotton Pest Management). M.S.

STEVEN L. HOTARD, Area Agent (Forestry and Wildlife). M.S.

KENNETH W. MAKI, Associate Area Agent (Horticulture). B.S.

CYNTHIA B. STEPHENS, Extension Agent (Family and Consumer Sciences). M.S.

CATHY L. AGAN, Associate Extension Agent (4-H Youth Development). M.S.

MARKAYEN H. RUSSELL, Extension Associate (4-H Youth Development). B.S.

Plaquemines Parish--Braithwaite

JAMES A. VAUGHN, County Agent. M.S.

PAUL D. THIBODEAUX, County Agent (Fisheries). M.S.

WAYNE BURGESS, Associate County Agent (4-H). B.S.

RAMONA S. GENTRY, Extension Agent (Family and Consumer Sciences). M.Ed.

JAN MORGAN, Associate Extension Agent (4-H Youth Development). M.Ed.

Pointe Coupee Parish--New Roads

MILES J. BRASHIER, County Agent. M.S.

STEPHEN R. BOREL, Associate County Agent. B.S.

MONICA OLINDE, Home Economist. M.S.

LAYNE ARCENEAUX-LANGLEY, Associate Home Economist. M.S.

Rapides Parish--Alexandria

BARRY CRAIN, Area Agent (Forestry/Wildlife). M.S.

JOHN A. CHANEY, Communications LSU Agricultural Center. M.S.

MATT A. MARTIN, County Agent. M.S.

TERRY WASHINGTON, County Agent (1890 Program). M.S.

RODNEY JOHNSON, Associate County Agent (4-H Youth Development). B.S.

LEONIDA ALTAZAN-BROWN, Extension Agent (Family and Consumer Sciences). M.S.

OPHELIA L. ALLEN, Associate Extension Agent (4-H Youth Development). B.S.

LOIS E. BRISTER, Associate Extension Agent (4-H Youth Development). B.S.

Red River Parish--Coushatta

MARION E. FARRIS, Area Agent (Pest Management). Ph.D.


Richland Parish--Rayville

JOHN PYZNER, Area Agent. Ph.D.

R. KEITH COLLINS, County Agent. M.S.

CHARLES WHITTINGTON, Associate County Agent. B.S.

KAY J. PARNELL, Home Economist. M.S.

DANNA F. GILLETT, Associate Home Economist. M.S.

Sabine Parish--Many

PAUL F. MORRIS, County Agent. M.S.

BRONWYN GRIFFIN, Assistant County Agent. B.S.

MARGARET F. STOKER, Home Economist. M.S.

ROSE M. SULLIVAN, Home Economist. M.S.

St. Bernard Parish--Chalmette

SCUDDY J. LeBLANC, County Agent. M.S.

PAUL D. THIBODEAUX, County Agent (Fisheries), M.S.

J. WAYNE BURGESS, Associate County Agent (4-H). B.S.

CHERYL A. GEIGER, Extension Agent (Family and Consumer Sciences). M.S.

LAUREN FAUST, Assistant Extension Agent (Family and Consumer Sciences). B.S.

St. Charles Parish--Hahnville

RENE SCHMIT, County Agent. M.S.

DAVID L. PICHON, County Agent. M.S.

DENIESE ZERINGUE, Associate Home Economist. B.S.

TONYA GATT, Assistant Home Economist. B.S.

St. Helena Parish--Greensburg

RONALD D. BARDWELL, Area Agent (Dairy). M.S.

STEFEN L. GIVENS, Assistant Count Agent. M.S.

A. KAY SINGLETON, Assistant Extension Agent. M.S.R.D.

St. James Parish--Convent


JAMES N. GARRETT, JR., County Agent. M.S.

KENNETH J. GUIDRY, County Agent. M.S.

LISA R. ARCEMONT, Home Economist., M.Ed.

COLEEN B. LAICHE, Home Economist. M.S.

CHERYL LANDRY, Home Economist (1890 Program). M.S.

St. John Parish--Edgard

LARRY T. BROCK, County Agent. M.S.

CATHY J. HOLMES, Home Economist. M.S.

MELANIE D. BURL, Extension Associate. B.A.

St. Landry Parish--Opelousas

LEE A. HAMPTON, County Agent. M.S.

SAMUEL HANCHETT, JR., County Agent. M.S.

RONALD NICHOLAS, County Agent (1890 Program). M.S.

THOMAS K. NORMAND, County Agent. M.S.

LISA BIZETTE, Extension Agent (4-H Youth Development). B.S.

MARGARET H. FREY, Extension Agent (Environmental Education). M.S.

SHARON CORTEZ, Extension Agent (Family and Consumer Sciences). M.S.

St. Martin Parish--Breaux Bridge

ALFRED J. GUIDRY, County Agent. M.E.

CHRIS ROBICHAUX, County Agent (1890 Program). M.S.

JOHN L. CRAMER, Associate County Agent. M.S.

EDITH R. MATTE, Home Economist. M.S.

BRENDA MELANCON, Assistant Home Economist. B.S.

St. Mary Parish--Franklin

SANDY L. CORKERN, Area Agent (Fisheries). M.S.

DONALD B. FONTENOT, County Agent. Ph.D.

SHANE A. THEALL, Associate County Agent (4-H). B.S.

ADA L. PALERMO, Extension Agent (4-H Youth Development). M.S.

MONICA A. BROUSSARD, Assistant Extension Agent (Family and Consumer Sciences). B.S.

St. Tammany Parish--Mandeville

ROBERT E. KING, County Agent. M.S.

J. B. ANDERS, JR., County Agent. M.S.

JAMES BATTY, JR., County Agent. M.S.

IRIS MERMILLIOD, Extension Agent. M.S.

AMY LONG-PIERRE, Assistant Extension Agent, B.S.

Tangipahoa Parish--Amite

ANNIE COCO, County Agent. M.S.


CHIC A. CORE, County Agent. M.S.

SANDRA H. BENJAMIN, County Agent. M.S.

KATHERINE M. DAVID, Extension Agent. M.S.

JOANNA T. PESSON, Associate Extension Agent. M.S.

Tensas Parish--St. Joseph

ROBERT GOODSON, County Agent. M.S.

JAMES HENDRIX, Associate County Agent. B.S.

KAYLA SEVIER, Assistant Extension Agent. B.S.

Terrebonne Parish--Houma


B. B. JOFFRION, JR., County Agent; Parish Chairman. M.S.

SHANEY HILL, Associate County Agent. B.S.

DAVID BOURGEOIS, Assistant County Agent (Fisheries). B.S.

MARGARET L. BURLEW, Home Economist. M.Ed.

PAMELA T. GAUTHREAUX, Home Economist. M.S.

Union Parish--Farmerville

MATTHEW F. STEPHENS, Associate County Agent (Animal Waste Management). B.S.

KAY LYNN D. TETTLETON, Extension Agent. M.S.

CAROL B. REMY, Extension Agent. M.S.

RAFASH E. BREW, Area Agent. M.S.

Vermilion Parish--Abbeville

MARK G. SHIRLEY, Area Agent. M.S.

HOWARD J. CORMIER, County Agent. M.S.

ANDREW L. GRANGER, County Agent. M.S.

HILTON WAITS, County Agent. M.S.

STUART J. GAUTHIER, Associate County Agent. D.V.M.

ALICE H. LANCON, Home Economist. M.Ed.


Vernon Parish--Leesville


TODD SASSER, Assistant County Agent (4-H). M.S.

FLORA C. HOVER, Home Economist. M.Ed.

KEMBERLY A. VILLEJOIN, Home Economist (4-H). M.S.

Washington Parish--Franklinton

HENRY HARRISON, County Agent. M.S.

AUBREY L. POSEY, County Agent. M.S.

DARLENE H. JONES, Home Economist. M.S.

RHONDA K. GUNNELL, Assistant Home Economist. B.S.

Webster Parish--Minden

ROBIN D. BRIDGES, County Agent. M.S.

TERRI MEANS-GUIN, Associate County Agent. M.S.

JOAN P. ALMOND, Extension Agent ( Family and Consumer Science). M.S.

West Baton Rouge Parish--Port Allen

HARRY L. LAWS, County Agent. M.S.

TODD TARIFA, Assistant County Agent. M.S.

West Carroll Parish--Oak Grove

MYRL W. SISTRUNK, County Agent; Parish Chair. M.S.

RALPH L. FRAZIER, JR., County Agent. M.S.

SHEILA M. HAYNES, Extension Agent (4-H Youth Development; Family and Consumer Sciences). M.S.

West Feliciana Parish--St. Francisville

CHARLES W. WILSON, County Agent. M.S.

PAMELA J. MYERS, Home Economist. M.S.

Winn Parish--Winnfield

WALTER D. MOON, JR., County Agent. M.S.

CLINT GATES, Assistant County Agent. B.S.

BECKY KELLEY, Associate Home Economist. M.S.