Current Projects

Beggs, Jack J. PI (with Co-PIs Susan A. Dumais, Valerie Haines, Jeanne Hurlbert, and Wesley Shrum). "Social Networks and Displacement After Hurricane Katrina." National Science Foundation.
Jang, Sung Joon: "National Survey of College Students" Funded by Metanexus Institute.
Lee, Matthew R.: "Institutional Structure, Civic Engagement and Crime in Rural Communities." Funded by The National Science Foundation.
Lee, Matthew R. and Edward S. Shihadeh. Louisiana Board of Regents. Infrastructural Enhancement for CAPER, the Crime and Policy Evaluation Research group.
Weil, Frederick, Edward Shihadeh and Matthew R. Lee: "The Social Fabric Under Stress: Baton Rouge's Explosive Growth After Hurricane Katrina." Funded by The National Science Foundation.