CAPER Mission Statement

CAPER seeks to promote collaboration in criminology and related areas by combining LSU research talent across a variety of fields. There are three main objectives:

1) Research. Our goal is to:

a) promote primary research in crime and related areas to be published in scholarly journals.

b) maintain an active working paper series to feature the ongoing research activities of C.A.P.E.R. fellows.

c) foster the research skills of graduate students interested in the study of crime.

d) conduct evaluative research with public policy objectives.

e) generate ongoing fact-sheets about crime in Louisiana and its major cities for use by the media and others.

2) Funding. We seek:

a) funding for academic research from major funding outlets.

b) contracts from government and private sources for evaluative and contract research.

c) to help graduate students find external sources of funding such as dissertation fellowships, scholarships, grants and other forms of support.

3) Education. We develop and maintain:

a) graduate and undergraduate courses and curriculum in criminology and related areas.

b) a working paper series about ongoing research among C.A.P.E.R. fellows.

c) an active speaker series covering various topics of interest.

d) an internship program for undergraduate and graduate students with various state and local agencies.