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The Cain Center supports research of high intellectual merit that is directly relevant to the learning and teaching of the STEM disciplines. We have a particular interest in the unique opportunities and challenges of Louisiana schools, aiming to supply knowledge that clearly informs decision-making in the design and implementation of programs and curricula, in the assessment of student learning, in the structuring and organization of educational institutions and in other areas of educational concern.

Some high-priority research questions are:

  1. How can we describe student learning using models that are true to current scientific understanding of human cognition and are also useful to educators?
  2. How do we integrate such models into better learning and assessment systems?
  3. What determines the ways that teachers translate standards and curricula into actual classroom experiences?
  4. What influence can/do the various sources of power/authority in the educational system play in creating the conditions for learning?
  5. What do interventions accomplish? When, why and how are they successful?

The Cain Center aims to contribute to high-quality education research by coordinating large, cooperative, externally-funded research projects, by encouraging and supporting individual faculty pursuing their own research programs and by linking with national education research communities by hosting and participating in meetings and conferences.

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