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Eric Voegelin Society Meeting 2001


San Francisco, CA, August 31 - September 2, 2001

97th APSA Annual Meeting, 17th EVS Annual International Meeting

Organizer: Ellis Sandoz , Louisiana State University  

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Program Summary


Panel 1.  Voegelin, Literature, and Philosophy


Panel 2.  Medieval Theory and Modern Political Ideology


Panel 3.  Voegelin on Plato and Aristotle


Panel 4.  Voegelin and the Pre-Socratics


Panel 5.  Ethics and the Law


Panel 6.  Perspectives on Hitler, National Socialism, and the Holocaust


Panel 7.   Gnosticism and Varieties of Modernity




Program Details - 7 panels

Panel 1.  Voegelin, Literature, and Philosophy

Chair: Margaret Hrezo, Radford University




"Spirit and Power: Political Order in Dostoevsky and Nietzsche" - Todd Meyers, University of Phoenix


"Bedeviled by Boredom: A Theory of Consciousness in Dostoevsky’s Possessed" - Richard Avramenko, Georgetown University


 "The Poetic Core of Eric Voegelin" - Max Arnott, Independent Scholar


"Voegelin and Michael Polanyi on the Relationship Between Epistemology and Politics" - Mark Mitchell, Georgetown University     




Steve Ealy, Liberty Fund
Gilbert Weiss, University of Vienna
Hans-Jörg Sigwart, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg




Panel 2.    Medieval Theory and Modern Political Ideology

Chair: Ellis Sandoz, Louisiana State University




"Nicholas of Cusa and the Grounds of Toleration" - John von Heyking, University of Lethbridge 


"The Political Thought of Joachim de Fiore" - Matthias Riedl, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg 


"Entzauberung and Verzauberung: Some Problems of the Concept of Immanentization" - Govert J. Buijs, Free University of Amsterdam             




Todd Breyfogle, University of Denver

Peter von Sivers, University of Utah
Tilo Schabert, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg




Panel 3.     Voegelin on Plato and Aristotle


Co-Chairs: Dante Germino, University of Amsterdam & James M. Rhodes, Marquette University




"Voegelin’s Theory of Interpretation as Applied to Plato and Aristotle" - Dante Germino, University of Amsterdam 


"An Old Obligation" - James M. Rhodes, Marquette University


"The Erotics of Recognition in Plato"  - Zdravko Planinc, McMaster University 


"Plato, the Prophet" - Tilo Schabert, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg 


"Voegelin’s Aristotle and Conservative Reform" -Timothy Collins, University of North Alabama 



George Klosko, University of Virginia
Dietmar Herz, University of Erfurt
James Wiser, San Francisco University



Panel 4.   Voegelin and the Pre-Socratics

Chair: Richard Geldard, Yeshiva University




"Voegelin, the Pre-Socratics, and the Noetic Quest"  - Richard Geldard, Yeshiva University            


"Hesiod as Precursor of the Pre-Socratic Philosophers" - Richard Moorton, Connecticut College                            

Dynamics and Psychological Implications of the Leap in Being" - David I. Tresan, Independent Scholar, "The Pre-Socratics: 



Glenn Hughes, St. Mary’s University in San Antonio



Panel 5.   Ethics and the Law

Chair:  Andreas A. M. Kinneging, University of Leiden




"Voegelin’s Conception of the Moral Order" - Andreas A. M. Kinneging, University of Leiden

"Comparing Voegelin’s ‘Representation’ and the Constitutional Lawyer’s ‘Interpretation’" - Lewis H. LaRue, Washington & Lee University              


"Voegelin and Constitutionalism" - Paul B. Cliteur, University of Leiden 


"Voegelin’s The Nature of the Law" - Patrick H. Martin, Hebert Law Center, Louisiana State University


Patrick B. Brown, Seattle University


Panel 6.   Perspectives on Hitler, National Socialism, and the Holocaust


Chair:  Marie Baird, Duquesne University



"Anamnesis and the Gray Zone: A Voegelinian Meditation on Holocaust Survival" - Marie Baird, Duquesne University

"National Socialism as a Political Religion" - Michael Burleigh, Washington and Lee University 

"'Heidegger and the Germans’: Voegelin on Ontotheology and Nazism" - Oona Ajzenstat, University of Toronto 


"Voegelin’s Analysis of Nazism in the Light of Recent Historical Research" - Clifford F. Porter, Defense Language Institute and Presidio of Monterey




Klaus Vondung, University of Siegen
Brendan Purcell, University College Dublin




Panel 7.   Gnosticism and Varieties of Modernity

Chair: Stephen A. McKnight, University of Florida



"Voegelin’s View of Gnosticism and Modernity in Two Keynote Lectures from 1971 and 1975" - Stephen A. McKnight, University of Florida 


"‘Gnosis’ in Eric Voegelin’s Philosophy"  Stefan Rossbach, University of Kent at Canterbury                         


"Experience and Symbolization in Qumran: Are There Modern  Equivalences?" - Mark Sinnett, Saint John’s College (Annapolis)


"Clarity Before Currency: Gnosticism and the Analysis of Spiritual Disorder" - Michael Franz, Loyola College of Maryland                                  




Thomas Heilke, University of Kansas

Klaus Vondung, University of Siegen