Ellis Sandoz, Founding Director

Hermann Moyse Jr. Distinguished Professor of Political Science & Director
Eric Voegelin Institute for American Renaissance Studies
Louisiana State University, 240 Stubbs Hall
Baton Rouge, LA 70803-5466
Tel.: AC 225-578-7888; FAX 225-578-4766
E-Mail: esandoz@lsu.edu; http://www.ericvoegelin.org

Ellis Sandoz, the Hermann Moyse, Jr., Distinguished Professor of Political Science at Louisiana State University and a former chairman of the department, is Director of the Eric Voegelin Institute for American Renaissance Studies, established in 1987 and devoted to research in political philosophy and constitutionalism, publications, and conferences in these fields. A native of Louisiana whose family first came there from Switzerland in 1829, he is a United States Marine Corps veteran (1953-56). He was educated at LSU (B. A., 1951; M. A., 1953), the universities of North Carolina, Georgetown, Heidelberg, and the University of Munich where he completed his doctorate (Dr. oec. publ.) with Eric Voegelin in 1965, the only American to do so. He joined LSU's faculty in 1978.

Professor Sandoz is a specialist in the field of political philosophy (American, European, and Russian), and he approaches problems of public policy from that perspective. President Ronald W. Reagan appointed him to the National Council on the Humanities in 1982 for a six-year term. The Board of Foreign Scholarships in 1987 named him a Fulbright 40th Anniversary Distinguished American Scholar to represent the United States in Italy and lecture on the Constitution during the Bicentennial. He founded and remains secretary of the Eric Voegelin Society. Since the Velvet Revolution of 1989, he has addressed the Federal Parliament of Czechoslovakia and conducted lectures and a series of conferences on The Federalist Papers, and other aspects of the Anglo-American constitutionalism and liberty and Western political philosophy, for academic and political leaders in Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland; for these and related educational activities in 1994 he was awarded the University Medal and Rector's Certificate by Palacky University Olomouc, Czech Republic; in 1995 Palacky University awarded Sandoz the degree Philosophiae doctorem, Honoris causa. He presented a series of lectures on the thought of Voegelin, ethics, and constitutionalism sponsored by the Graduate Program of Ethics of the University of Oslo and the Research Council of Norway in Trondheim in October 1995. He lectures widely in the U. S. and Canada on the contemporary crisis of civic consciousness, foundations of constitutionalism, and modern political philosophy. He is the first political scientist to be chosen LSU's Distinguished Research Master and awarded the university's Gold Medal; and “in recognition of high attainments in liberal scholarship,” in 1996 he became the first alumnus member of LSU’s Phi Beta Kappa chapter. He was elected president of the Philadelphia Society in April 2000. In November 2002 Sandoz delivered the commencement address and was awarded an honorary degree of Doctor en Ciencias Políticas by the University Francisco Marroquín in Guatemala. He delivered the John Witherspoon Lecture titled “Republicanism and Religion: A Conspiracy of Faith and Reason” (Washington, D.C., April 2004); addressed University of Genoa conference on EU constitution-formation (May 2004). He delivered the Alpheus T. Mason Lecture on Constitutionalism at James Madison Center, Princeton University, in April, 2008.

Sandoz’s most recent publication is “The Philosopher’s Vocation: The Voegelinian Paradigm” in Review of Politics 71:1, 1-14; also two articles, published in Beijing and in Seoul on American politics in 2008, and two books: Republicanism, Religion and the Soul of America; and Vol. 34 of Collected Works, Auto-biogaphical Reflections (rev’d edn), Glosssary of Terms, Cumulative Index, ed. with introductions by Ellis Sandoz (both U. Mo. Press, 2006). He has authored, coauthored or edited twenty books, including: The Politics of Truth and other Untimely Essays: The Crisis of Civic Consciousness (U. Mo. Press, 1999); A Government of Laws: Political Theory, Religion and the American Founding (LSU, pb. 1991; 2nd ed., U. Mo. Press, 2001); Political Sermons of the American Founding Era, 1730 to 1805 (Liberty Press, 1991; 2d ed., 2 vols., 1998); Eric Voegelin's Significance for the Modern Mind (LSU, 1991); Published Essays, 1966-1985, vol. 12, The Collected Works of Eric Voegelin (LSU, 1991); Published Essays, 1953-1965, ibid. (CW, vol. 11 [2000]); Published Essays, 1940-1952, ibid. (CW, vol. 10 [2000]); and The Roots of Liberty: Magna Carta, Ancient Constitution, and the Anglo-American Tradition of Rule of Law (Missouri, 1993; 2d ed. Liberty Fund, 2008.) He is a member of the Editorial Board and serves as General Editor of The Collected Works of Eric Voegelin (LSU, 1989-1999;University of Missouri Press, 1999-2006) 34 vols., and series editor for CW, vols. 19-26, History of Political Ideas. Two earlier books were reissued in new editions in 2000: Political Apocalypse: A Study of Dostoevsky’s Grand Inquisitor, 2d ed. rev. (Wilmington, Del.: ISI Books); The Voegelinian Revolution: A Biographical Introduction, 2d ed. rev.(New Brunswick, N. J.: Transaction Pubs., Rutgers University); in 2004 a revised edition was published of Eric Voegelin, Science, Politics and Gnosticism, ed. & introduction by Ellis Sandoz ( ISI Books). His bio is published in Who’s Who In America and in Who’s Who in the World (2008).


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