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Grinnell College in Iowa

Eric Voegelin and Arnold ToynbeeOn April 14, 1963, Eric Voegelin delivered a speech at Grinnell College in Iowa entitled “The Configuration of History,” Part of a lecture series known as “The Grinnell Seminar on Order.” The following day, Voegelin took Part in an interchange with British historian Arnold Toynbee on “The Philosophy of History.” Click here to listen to an excerpt of this great exchange.

Autobiographical Reflections

Eric Voegelin and Arnold ToynbeeIn 1973, LSU Political Science Professor Ellis Sandoz conducted a series of interviews with Eric Voegelin at Stanford University where Voegelin was working. Those interviews formed the basis of Autobiographical Reflections, which waspublished by the University of Missouri Press and is considered to be a window into the mind of a man whose reassessment of the nature of history and thought overturned traditional approaches to, and appraisals of, the Western intellectual tradition. Recordings of those interviews have been digitized and are available below. Hear the philosopher in his own words lay out the development of his unique philosophy of consciousness, his key intellectual breakthroughs, is theory of history, and his diagnosis of the political ills of the modern age.