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  3. Insert the gift amount and complete the online transaction.
  4. Designate "Eric Voegelin Institute" using the button "Click to Choose a Fund".
  5. Receive a complimentary copy of Autobiographical Reflections when you donate $250 or more. (Book will be mailed to you from the address you give on the donation form.)

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Dear Friend,

I write with urgency to you to ask for your help. As you may know, the Eric Voegelin Institute has recently fallen under the budget axe at LSU. After receiving state support for administrative help and some operating money for 20 years, we now are being completely cut off and must function solely on private donations. Our only staff position has been eliminated from the state budget and can only be filled part time from private funds. I will continue as Director but receive no state money for so serving and will teach full-time as Moyse Distinguished Professor of Political Science.

With only very limited funds available, finishing work on our Voegelin documentary film, our unique ongoing monograph series, and such other important research as conferences, fellowships, and lectures may have to be delayed or abandoned.

To avert the worst, we need your help and need it now! Be generous. Your gifts are tax deductible and should be given to EVI thru the LSU Foundation marked for operations or endowment--as you prefer. A barebones minimum of $25,000 in cash is needed in order to operate the Institute each year and to pay administrative costs.

Over the decades since its establishment in 1987, the Voegelin Institute has an enviable track record. Of note, we have published the 34 volume Collected Works of Eric Voegelin, a multi-million dollar project and monumental task now completed. It is a major contribution to the political philosophy of liberty, resistance to tyranny, and support of a free people. Our illustrious monograph series in Political Philosophy and in Religion and Politics now includes 28 volumes, with others in press, also continues this work. Additionally, we have organized, conducted, and participated in numerous colloquia in America and abroad on the foundations of political order, rule of law, individual liberty, political leadership, and the traditions of free government. These are the hallmarks of Eric Voegelin's philosophy and we continue to explore their texture and meaning for our own difficult times. This work is ongoing.

To help ensure the continuation of these vital activities, please consider promptly contributing to LSU's Eric Voegelin Institute. Your tax deductible donations of $250 or more will qualify for a complimentary copy of Voegelin's AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL REFLECTIONS. Since all EVI activities (not just the projects) now are wholly dependent on private donations, be generous–give early and often! Be sure to include your mailing address so the book can be rushed to you. Thanks in advance.

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You may also send checks payable to "LSU Foundation--Eric Voegelin Institute" to the following address:

LSU Foundation
3838 West Lakeshore Dr
Baton Rouge, LA, 70808

Many thanks,

Ellis Sandoz
Director, Eric Voegelin Institute for American Renaissance Studies
Louisiana State University
240 Stubbs Hall
Baton Rouge, LA 70803

225-578-7888; 225-229-8902

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