Igor M. Sokolov, Ph.D.

Present address (USA):

Laboratory of Insect Pathology,

Department of Entomology

Louisiana State University Agricultural Center

402 Life Sciences Building,

Baton Rouge, LA 70803


Position: postdoctoral researcher


Telephone: (225) 57872-24          FAX: (225)  578-16-43



Permanent address (Russia):

Laboratory of  Agrobiocoenology

All-Russian  Research  Institute  for  Plant Protection

Podbelski  schosse,  3

St. Petersburg  Pushkin

196608 Russia


Position: leading researcher


FAX: 7 + (812) 470-43-62

e-mail: ,



Graduated from: St.Petersburg  State University, Biology Department,  Entomology Chair, 1980.

Postgraduate study:  All-Russian Research Institute  for Plant Protection:1987 - 1991.

Supervisor: Prof.Dr.Sci. V.I. Tansky

Ph.D. degree (Entomology): All-Russian Research Institute for Plant Protection, 1996.

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Anthropogenic factors in pests population dynamic; impact of pesticides on non-target arthropods; coevolution of phytophagous beetles and their host-plants; IPM; taxonomy of Bembidiini (Carabidae; Coleoptera).

SELECTED EXPERIENCE:  2000 April - up  to  now  -  leading researcher with permanent position in the Laboratory  of   agrobiocoenology,   All-Russian Institute for Plant Protection, St.Petersburg-Pushkin; 1997 December - 2000 April - head of the Laboratory of the  Agrobiocoenology,  All-Russian Institute for Plant Protection, St.Petersburg-Pushkin; 1993 January -  1997 November - researcher with permanent position (Laboratory   of   the Agrobiocoenology,  All-Union  Institute  for  Plant Protection, St.Petersburg-Pushkin); 1987 February - 1993 January - junior researcher with permanent position (Laboratory  of the Agrobiocoenology, All-Union  Institute  for  Plant Protection, Leningrad - Pushkin); 1983 September - 1987 February -  technician  (Laboratory of Agrobiocoenology, All-Union Institute for Plant Protection, Leningrad - Pushkin);  1982 December - 1983 September -  technician  (Laboratory of Insect Taxonomy,  Zoological Institute of Academy of Sciences of USSR, Leningrad ); 1981 November - 1982 November -  technician  (Laboratory of Plant Resistance, All-Union  Institute  for  Plant Protection, Leningrad - Pushkin).

Ph.D. DISSERTATION: Cereal leaf beetle on winter wheat: colonization, distribution and harmfulness on crops. - 1996- Ph.D.  Dissertation.   All Russian Research Institute for Plant Protection. - St.Petersburg-Pushkin.

PROFESSIONAL ORGANISATIONS: Russian Entomological Society, Association for Applied Acridologists International (AAAI).

SPECIAL SKILLS: collecting, preparing and sorting the insect material, taxonomic treatment of insects, including genitalia dissections and preparations, cultivation of insects,  field and laboratory experimental design, statistical treatment of data, population dynamic modelling.

GRANTS AND REWARDS: 1993 - Personal stipend of George Soros –Biodiversity¤; 1998 - Personal Grant of International Orthoptera Society.


North Atlantic Treaty Organization Advanced Research Workshop "Acridogenic and Anthropogenic Hazards to the Grassland Biome: Managing Grasshopper Outbreaks without Risking Environmental Disaster," Estes Park, CO, September 1999.

First Annual Workshop of the Association for Applied Acridology International on "New Methods in Locust Control" (Canberra/Griffith, Australia, November 1999).

International Conference on Locust and Grasshopper Management in the Countries of the Former Soviet Union (Almaty, Kazakhstan, September 1998).

University of Wyoming, September 1999


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