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Animal  Sciences (Animal Science Area, Dairy Production Area, Dairy Foods Technology Area, Poultry Science Area, Science and Technology Area, and Pre-veterinary Medicine)

The School of Animal Sciences offers programs that provide individuals with a broad educational background tailored to meet their needs and aptitudes. Such preparation provides graduates with employment opportunities in all phases of animal, dairy and poultry production, processing, distribution, marketing, research and teaching. Preparatory curricula also are provided for subsequent training at the graduate level or in veterinary medicine.

Qualified undergraduate students have the opportunity to participate in the Summer Internship Program with well-paid stipends. This program integrates academic experience on campus with work experience off campus, providing a total educational experience that prepares the student for responsible participation in industry following graduation.

Students take basic courses during the first two years and follow a selected area of concentration during the junior and senior years. Within each area of concentration, students select approved and free electives. Students interested in choosing an approved minor can take the suggested courses for the minor as part of approved and free electives. See the listing of College of Agriculture minors for details.

Prior to entering the program, students are encouraged to consult a counselor for guidance in scheduling courses. Those students interested in entering the School of Veterinary Medicine must take BIOL 1201 and 1208, 1202 and 1209, 2051, 2083; CHEM 2261, 2262, 2364 or CHEM 2060; MATH 1021 and 1022; PHYS 2001 and 2002; and CMST 2010 or 2060 to meet admission requirements.

Graduates of the animal, dairy, and poultry sciences curriculum find career opportunities in a variety of production enterprises and animal-related agribusinesses, such as commercial livestock, dairy, and poultry enterprises; feed, pharmaceutical, and supply companies; commodity processing and food product industries; and various state and federal agencies including the cooperative extension service. Students selecting the science-directed electives are prepared to enter graduate school.


View the LSU General Catalog for more information on course recommendations. 



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