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In 1972, the Aquatic Ecology Laboratory (now the Aquatic Ecology Group or AEG) was formed by John W. Day at the Center for Wetland Resources. With the passage of time, several researchers joined the group and more than 50 graduate students have participated on its endeavors.

The focus of the AEG has always been a holistic perspective on coastal and estuarine ecosystem functioning. Beginning with studies of aquatic primary productivity and nutrient dynamics, the group interests have expanded from coastal forest productivity in both bottomland hardwoods and mangroves to simulation modeling of habitats and watersheds.

As AEG's research progresses into new ecological areas, it also involves new geographical areas. Projects on coastal areas of the United States include Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. International efforts have been accomplished in Mexico (since 1971), France (1989), Spain (1990) and England (1999).

The information and products offered at this site provide background for members of the Aquatic Ecology Group. The publications, scientific data, and maps generated toward these goals can be accessed through this internet site.

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