Tiger Days eye of the tiger

An Eye on Teaching and Learning

A week of open classroom visits, with faculty visiting classrooms across campus; a way to promote quality instruction across campus and to let you see your colleagues in action.

Have you ever wanted to see how other faculty teach, or wondered about what a flipped classroom or on-line instruction looks like?  This is your chance.  The outstanding faculty listed below have agreed to open their classrooms so that you can visit.  To register to visit one or more classes click on the following link tigerdays

Name Department Course                        Date        Time  
Adam Melvin  Chemical Engineering CHE 4260: Biochemical Engineering 28-Feb 11:30am  
Ann Martin English ENGL 2001: Composition for Pre-Nursing Majors   12:30pm  
Carl Freedman English HONORS 2021: The Films of Alfred Hitchcock 27-Feb 12:00noon  
Charles Pecquet Construction Management CM 2215: Construction Safety 1-Mar 9:00am,10:30am,1:30pm  
Chris Barrett English ENGL: 7920 Dissertation Writing Seminar 26-Feb 3:30pm  
Dee Jacobsen Kinesiology KIN 2501: History and Philosophy of Kinesiology 28-Feb 11:30am  
Dottie Vaughn Mathematics Math 1431: Calculus with Business and Economic Applications 1-Mar 12:00noon  
Elzbieta Cook Chemistry CHEM 1202: General Chemistry for Science Majors II 26-Feb 1:30pm  
Edward Benoit Library and Information Science LIS 2000 Introduction to Information & Society on-line on-line  
Janet McDonald Psychology PSYC 2016: Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences 27-Feb 12:00noon  
Josh Grimm Mass Communication MC 3005: Depth Reporting 27-Feb 9:00am  
Kandace Hurst Chemistry CHEM 1202: General Chemistry II for Science Majors 27-Feb 12:00noon  
Kristin Stair Agricultural Education, Extension and Evaluation AEEE 4504: Developing Community Programs in Agricultural Education 1-Mar 1:30pm  
Kristine DeLong Geography and Anthropology GEOG 2050:Physical Geography, The Atmosphere 28-Feb 10:30am  
M-M Sulentic Dowell Education ELRC 7290: Ethnography & Autoethnography 1-Mar 4:30pm  
M-M Sulentic Dowell Education ELRC 7407: Politcs and Policy in Administration in Education 27-Feb 4:30pm  
Mark Fry Finance BLAW 3201: Business Law 26-Feb 11:30am  
Morgan Kelly Biological Sciences BIOL 3040: Introduction to Evolution 28-Feb 8:30am  
Ram Devireddy Mechanical and Industrial Engineering ME 2334: Thermodynamics 26-Feb - 1 Mar 7:30am  
Ramachandran Vaidyanathan Electrical and Computer Engineering EE 2740: Digital Logic 28-Feb 12:30pm  
Suzanne Marchand History HIST 2126:Modern European Cities 1-Mar 12:00noon  
Trey Davis Music MUS 3750: Choral Conducting II 26-Feb 9:30am  
Wanda Hargroder Kinesiology KIN 2500: Human Anatomy 27-Feb 12:00noon