Gregory V. Hayes, DrPH, MPH, MS, CBSP(NRCM), HCLD(ABB)

Biosafety Manager
Phone: 225-578-4658
Fax: 225-578-7489

Dr. Hayes has over thirty years of practical experience in biosafety working with RG 1 through RG 4 organisms; as a clinical microbiologist in a hospital setting, research microbiologist at the National Centers for Disease Control and as a State Laboratory Director in Indiana, Alaska, and Rhode Island.  Currently, Dr. Hayes is the Biological Safety Manager for LSU and an adjunct professor in the Department of Pathobiological Sciences and the Veterinary Sciences Department of the LSU Agricultural Center.  He is responsible for guidance regarding the safe and secure handling, storage, and use of recombinant DNA, pathogens and toxins on campus.  Dr. Hayes provides technical expertise and evaluations, including biosafety incident investigations, facility evaluations (inspections and commissioning), personnel training and prepares the University’s biological safety plan, emergency response plan, and biosecurity plan for Select Agents.  He coordinates compliance with federal occupational, environmental health, and safety regulations relating to biological research.  Additionally, he coordinates the University’s Inter-Institutional Biological and Recombinant DNA Safety Committee (IBRDSC).  Dr. Hayes has been involved in the construction of BSL-3 laboratories in Alaska and Rhode Island.  He completed his doctorate while working on Congo-Crimean Hemorrhagic Fever virus in CDC’s high containment BSL-4 laboratory.  Currently Dr Hayes is a board certified high complexity clinical laboratory director (American Board of Bioanalysis) and a certified biosafety professional with the American Biological Safety Association and American Society for Microbiology.